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Owl Carving Course - 3 Days - Offered by Pat Rygh

A class carving an OWL with instructor Pat Rygh. The class will be for carving and wood burning a small Owl (No painting) 

Class starts Oct. 16 thru 23 and 30th. 

See Pat to sign up for the class if you haven’t yet.


From  Pat Rygh class Instructor :
For those that have signed up for the Owl class.
The owl carving class will be on Oct 16 ,23 ,and 30. This class is now closed to new signups: I hope to start at 9;45 and go till 12:15. 

Tools required will be:                         
A knife (sharp will help),
A pencil, 
A ruler (flexible is better) 
A gouge (about 10mm wide and a curve that will just hold a pencil) 
Some medium and fine sandpaper
A wood burner

A blank, eyes, epoxy, and wire will be provided.
The club can help with those that do not have a gouge or wood burner.

Follow Up

The class took four sessions.  Pat did a fantastic job with the instruction, and there were a lot of good looking owls produced by our carvers.

owl group 1.jpeg
owl group 2.jpeg
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