Fall 2022

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Email to Carvers on 29 September 2022 from the club news writer.

Dear Carvers, this is a quick note sharing some business items Scot discussed during Tuesday's meeting.  Most of us are working on the same projects as last week, and I will hold onto the couple of pictures I have until next week's newsletter.  Please bring finished projects next week also so I can photograph them.  Those who are farther away are welcome to email me pictures of completed items as well.  Here are Scot's messages:


1. Either October 11th or 18th we will begin a class on pine needle/basswood base/wood bowl making.  Scott has round or oval bases for us and is in the process of procuring the additional materials.  He assesses that we will work on this project until Thanksgiving.

2. A Girl Scout group leader requests help with a carving class at the Morro Bay Campground on Saturday from noon to 2 PM.  The girls are 11 years old and have their own pocket knives.  They have previously carved with soap a little bit.  There will be two sessions of approximately 45 minutes each.  Please let Scot know if you can help to teach this class.

3. On October 1st Fort Hope will hold a fundraiser at Huasna Valley east of Arroyo Grande.  The entry fee is $75, and all proceeds go to the very important youngsters associated with Fort Hope.

4. Our annual pot luck Christmas Party will be held on Tuesday, December 13th.  We will hold our very popular ornament exchange, so please plan to attend, and start thinking about all the possibilities out there for carving this year's ornaments.


That's it for this week.  See you soon.  Jeanie R.

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