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News Archive Summer 2019


Hello Carvers!

Are you ready for the SHOW?  Many thanks to Dick, who has managed the brunt of the efforts to put this big event on.

Updates as announced today:

  • The Vet's hall will be opened for set-up at 7:30 on Saturday, the 21st.  The doors open to the public at 10:00.

  • The refrigerators in the kitchen will need to be plugged in at the start of the day.  You may store your food(s) in them for the day. There are stoves and ovens available as well.

  • Jerry will be taking Raffle entries to the show for those who cannot transport them to the Vet's Hall by 9:00 Saturday.  Each raffle item must be labeled with the carver's name and a brief description of your item.  It was suggested to use the backside of our carver's club business cards for this purpose, or a card of similar size, and the message: Carved by___________________________. 

  • The Raffle team are asking the donating carvers to add their name, the item and its description to the Raffle List/Roster which will be located at the Raffle Table.  This should be done by 9:00 a.m.

  • Dot will be in charge of the People's Choice awards.  She asks that all pieces be given to her by 9:00. 

  • Volunteers are needed throughout the day for various purposes: Carvers at tables will need a break and will need to be relieved.  Set up and clean up.  Act as ambassadors for our club.  Help prep for the pot luck.  Help man our club's tables.  If you don't have an assignment and are wondering if you'll be needed, be assured that you will!

  • It is suggested that club members bring some of their in-process pieces to work on at our club/s tables, to demonstrate techniques, and spark interest from the attendees.

  • The pot luck is at 5:00.

  • Pick up your name badges at the front desk. 

  • I noticed signs for THE WOODCARVER's SHOW on 2 corners in Los Osos today, as well as on the digital sign on LOVR and South Bay Blvd.  Fliers have been posted on a variety of bulletin boards around town.  (Have you seen any in your town?  Have you posted any?) 

The Rendezvous, on Friday, begins at 10:00, ends at 4:00 and is being held at Shamel Park in Cambria.

We were so happy to have Shelley and Diane back with us today!

The flute carvers posed for a collective photo, which will be attached at a later date.

Thank you to Matt Pomerico who donated many pieces of wood, including  finished pieces, blanks for projects and miscellaneous scraps. 

We hope to see as many of our carvers at the Rendezvous and at the Show, both on Saturday and Sunday.  A good time will be had by all!

Until then,

Laurie Wright 2019 Secretary



Thanks to Ed Zirbel for his patient and fine instruction of the 10+ carvers who have been working on carving their Native American-style Flutes over the past 6 weeks.  All flute carvers are asked to bring their flutes to next Tuesday's session for a class photo and perhaps will perform an unrehearsed concert for fellow carvers.


Many thanks, too, to Melody Mullis, our chapter Librarian,  for compiling, cataloging, and shelving our group's collection of carver's reference books.    In order to "check out" a desired book, please email Melody, whose address you will also find under the Roster section of the Member section of the website, to request the desired book.  Melody will then bring the book to the next carving session.  You may borrow a book/books for an unlimited time or until requested by another member.  

Matt Pomerico will lead this coming Saturday's (September 14) free carving session at the Paso Robles History Museum 1-4 p.m.  He will provide the blanks to carve.

Belated Happy Anniversary (46 years) to Tom and Tricia Nickelson!


THE RENDEZVOUS:  September 20, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.   Please review the attached flier regarding location, directions and other pertinent information.  It is not too late to reserve a spot for the Rendezvous.  Please notify Tom Nickelson or Matt Pomerico to sign up. The day consists of a session led by Matt Pomerico, who will provide the blanks for a particular carving piece, which  should be able to be completed within the day's session.   Please bring your own chairs.  The locale is shaded, with several tables to use while carving and lunching. (a bit of history:  The Rendezvous was started by a group of RV camping  caricature carvers who came from afar for our annual SHOW.  They offered a fun day's session of carving.  Last year the founders opted to delegate all  future Rendezvous sessions to the Central Coast Woodcarvers to organize and host )  $25 covers the wood blank, instruction and lunch.  

Our 42nd ANNUAL WOODCARVER"S SHOW:  September 21 & 22, Cambria Vet's Hall.  Please review the attached information sheet.  In addition to the flier, the following was discussed at today's session:

  • Members badges/ID will be provided to CCW members.  Please pick yours up at the front door of the Vet's Hall and wear during the show.

  • Entry and exit of the building should only be through the front door of the building.  There is a side door which should ONLY be used when setting up/removing Show supplies, and for disabled access.  Last year was a problem due to the open door allowing cold weather in, and misuse by the public despite the posted NO ENTRY sign.  

  • Ticket takers at the front door will have an easy check sheet to mark as they ask all attendees how they heard about our show.  This will help determine where to focus advertising energy for next years' show.

  • Each attendee will be given a People's Choice voting ballot as they enter the show.  Ticket takers will explain that the People's Choice pieces are displayed on the stage (and only on the stage, not on individual show tables), and the attendee is to vote  for their favorite piece.

  • People's Choice pieces:  Our CCW members may choose to present ONE of their pieces to be offered up for a vote.  The piece must be one that has not been on the People's Choice stage in previous shows.  Woodburned pieces were voted in as being acceptable for the People's Choice award for the first time this year.

  • Tabulation of the People's Choice votes will be at 3-3:30 on Sunday, with the winner announced before the end of the Show at 4 p.m.  The winner will receive $50, 2nd most votes receives $35, and  the 3rd place winner received $25, plus great admiration and applause from your fellow CCW members.

  • Pieces for People's Choice, the Raffle Table and the raffle incentive (small pieces, one of which  an attendee may select after buying $20 worth of raffle tickets) tables must be at the Show by 9:30 on Saturday.  If you are unable to deliver your piece(s) by  that time, please bring your carefully wrapped and described piece ( for the raffle? People's Choice?), including your name, to next Tuesday's carving session.  Jerry Graybill will be in charge of delivering and placing the pieces.

  • MORE carvings are needed for the Raffle Table.  Last year there were approximately 30  larger pieces to raffle.  More than that is hoped for this year.  

  • Raffle Incentive table:  Please donate as many small pieces as you can.  Pieces will be displayed for buyers of $20 worth of raffle tickets to choose from. So far there are,  at the very least, a collection of whales tails (Jim Cady),  grebes (Pat Rygh),  and various birds (DickMarshall) to select from.  

  • Bob Otto's beautifully carved Mallard will be the Show's Silent Auction item this year.  The starting/minimum bid will be $50, with bids expected to rise much higher than that.

  • Dick mentioned that Cliff Witt has signed up for a table.  He is expected to bring exotic woods for sale, including walnut burls, buckeye burls and pen blanks.

  • The whittling contest, Saturday at 1p.m., is open to any carver who wishes to give it a try, even if he/she isn't interested in competing, per se.  The piece to be carved is a surprise.  There are prizes to be awarded to the 3 top pieces.

  • The "Best Of The Best" whittling contest is on Sunday at 1 p.m.  Only carvers who have previously won a California Carver's Guild contest may enter.  Prizes will be awarded.

  • A POT LUCK of food and beverages will be held at 5 p.m. Saturday.  Please bring your choice of a dish which will be shared by the SHOW's participating members and their partners/spouses/ SOs.  The Vet's Hall kitchen will be available to us on Saturday: stoves, ovens and refrigerators are available.  

  • The TOOL RAFFLE for Show participants will also be held Saturday evening.  Vendors have donated tools and supplies to raffle.  If you have good-quality tools/equipment/carving supplies that you would like to donate to the raffle, please let Dick know.

  • Dick will open the doors to the Vet's Hall at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday.  All hands are welcome to come and help with the limited set up time.  

  • Street sign ADs (which were our most successful attention getters last year) are available to put out for display.  Dick will post signs in Cambria, Scot will post signs in Los Osos.  Do we have volunteers willingto post signs in Morro Bay?  Please let Dick know.

  • If you have signed the volunteer sheet, please present yourself at the specified time and place during the Show.  Thank you!  

As Ed Sullivan would say:  "It's time for the REEEEally Big Show!"


Our most recent Tuesday session was a well attended gathering, with all  of us very well fed, thanks to those who brought such tasty fresh fruit and baked goodies, and a great variety of projects were being worked on.  The flute corner provided a nice accompaniment, visitors joined us, and our newer members are diving right in with their projects.  Wood blanks and wood pieces were donated by Matt Pomerico and by Bob Otto's family.  Bob's carved mallard was quite impressive and we are most grateful to his daughters who donated this beautiful piece to the Central Coast Woodcarvers.

Fliers and bookmarks  about our upcoming SHOW are available for members to pass out to various stores, hotels, libraries and friends.  Please help out by grabbing a handful to distribute. Did you see the ad in the AAA Westways magazine?  (Dick has already received calls as a result of hat posting!)

Dick reports that all available  SHOW tables have been reserved. Joyce Ross is coordinating the Saturday evening pot luck: you might be hearing from her.  CCW members will have badges to wear during the SHOW.  There are still tasks that need volunteers to sign up for.  Our members who participate and/or help with the SHOW are eligible for the Tool Raffle  which will be held Saturday evening just before the potluck.

We look forward to having both Shelley and Diane back with us in a few weeks.

I hope you enjoy these last few weeks of summer, and are enthused about participating in the RENDEZVOUS on September 20th and  SHOW on September 
21 & 22,


Hello busy and creative carvers!

We are so glad to have Matt Pomerico back with us!  Both he and Cindy joined us today, with Cindy  sharing her BEAUTIFUL quilt piece along with Matt distributing carving blanks and  sitting down to carve.  (If you noticed Matt's personalized woodcarving shirt, which George also wears similarly on occasion, they can be ordered via the inkpixi website)


We welcomed two members to our group today:  Jim Edwards from Paso Robles (who was a previous member and has  rejoined us), and Alan Aram (with his lovely wife Roberta) who has recently relocated  to Los Osos from the Ozark Mountain area of Missouri  where he was a 10+ year member of the Whittlers and Carvers Club.  We are glad to have them join our Central Coast Woodcarver's group!


Please continue to send healing thoughts to Shelly's husband, Rick , and to Diane.  


Matt will host a carving session at the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum on Saturday, September 14, 1-4 p.m.


The annual Carver's Rendezvous is set for Friday, September 20th, at a new location this year:  Shamel Park, in Cambria, at 5455 Windsor Blvd.    There is a canopy to shelter the carvers, but you are asked to bring your own chairs, and a small foldable table, if you have one.   You must reserve your spot.  See attached.


Dick Marshall (many, many thanks to you, Dick!)updated us on the upcoming 42nd Annual Woodcarver's Show, scheduled for September 21 & 22 at the Cambria Vet's Hall:

  • There are only 3-4 tables left to reserve for your display/sale items.  See attached flier to reserve a table.

  • Dick would like to know how many pieces carvers are donating to the raffle table.  

  • Dick would like items to display on our informational "Club Table" at the Show.  These would include pamphlets, fliers, and carved pieces by our members.  

  • There are volunteer opportunities for any member who would like to help out at the Show.  Please see attached volunteer lists and consider assisting with this multitask event.  You may email me to add your name to a particular volunteer position/duty.   Please make note of the task and time you have signed up for, and be present when and where you are expected to be.  Thanks very much!

  • Items for sale, raffle, raffle bonus gifts, and/or display will need to be brought into the Vet's all at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday the 21st.  We do not have access to the building before then.  There is much to do between 7:30 and when the doors open to the public at 10:00 a.m. to get everything set up. 

  •   CCW will provide coffee and doughnuts in the morning for all participants and coffee, water, and soft drinks throughout the day and for the potluck.  You will need to plan for your own lunch.

Our annual Potluck will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 21, in the Vet's hall, following the first day of the Show.  Please begin to think about what you will be sharing: I will bring a signup sheet to our upcoming Tuesday sessions. The kitchen is supplied with a large refrigerator, a stove and ovens which we may use for our dishes.   CCW will provide plates, utensils, and cups.

Consider how you might advertise and spread the word about the Show:  chat it up with your friends and acquaintances , post fliers and bookmarks, use the Nextdoor app to let your neighbors know, use your social media pages (post a photo of the attached flier) and/or ask me and I will share the event page I posted on Facebook.  


Thank you all for being so willing to share your talents and artistry, enthusiasm, patience and friendship with all of the members of CCW.  What a special group of people you are!



Laurie Wright, 2019 Secretary



Greetings from St. Timothy's  Annex carving session today!

Scot introduced our 4 new Central Coast Woodcarvers members: Ginny Lawliss, Richard Flores,  Dave and Kate Osman and Yvonne Bailey.  WELCOME to all of you!  


Cindy Pomerico stopped in to bring Matt's 2019 collection of  wood blanks to Scot, who will be leading this next Saturday's (August 10), always free, carving session at the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum (2010 Riverside Avenue), 1-4 p.m.  Matt is recovering from surgery and is looking forward to getting home, hopefully at the end of the week.  We all send our get well wishes to Matt and hope to see him up and about and feeling 100% very, very soon.  


Lovely music was heard coming from our carver's newly formed flutes today.  Perhaps we can look forward to a group performance in the near future?  


Walt Ross announced that Bob's Otto's daughter is interested in  selling her father's large collection of power tools (Sears Drill Press, Grizzly Bandsaw with 10-12" clearance, a table mounter router, grinders, etc) and carving tools, preferably to our Central Coast Woodcarvers members, at reasonable prices .   Generously, the sale money will be donated to the Central Coast Woodcarver's coffer, which is what Bob's daughter feels her father would have wished.  There will be a table of Bob's carved pieces set up at the September Show for display and for sale.  Please contact Walt Ross for more details.


The previously scheduled Relief Carving class has been canceled and will  likely be back on the carving calendar after the September Show.  

Our Central Coast Woodcarvers 42nd Annual Woodcarving Show is a mere 6 1/2 weeks away!   

Fliers and Bookmarks were provided today: 

  • Please take several/many to distribute to your local businesses, friends, bulletin boards, and elsewhere.  You are encouraged to send the attached flier to your family and  friends, your social media forum(s), and beyond.

  • Bright yellow (reusable) road signs have been made, which will be posted in Cambria, Cayucos and Morro Bay. 

  • Information has been posted in the display cases of the Los Osos, Paso Robles and Cayucos libraries.

  • Westways Magazine and local publications will be advertising our event.

  • Woodcarving magazines and related books are welcome to be brought to the show's FREE giveaway table.  Old catalogues or very dated material are not recommended for donation.

  • Your donated "extra"  tools or the like would be welcome additions to the show's Participant's Raffle, which will be held Saturday evening, September 21.   Donations  have been coming in from wood and carving businesses for the Participant's Raffle, as well.

  • Please add your name to the show's VOLUNTEER list!  There are enough roles and tasks for everyone.  Your help is most welcome and appreciated!

  • Our annual Show POTLUCK will be held for all participants following the closing of the doors to the public. (5 p.m.)

  • Participants may set up their tables for displays and sales at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday morning.                          

Thanks, all, for a well attended and lively session today!  You'll be hearing from me again in a few weeks.                                        

Laurie Wright, 2019 Secretary



Hello Carvers!


I was told that the Annex was humming with activity this past Tuesday. The flute class is continuing, pieces are glued and clamped, ready for the next step this coming Tuesday.  Thanks, Ed, for your tutelage!  Non-class participants are busily carving away on their own 

Scot beautifully organized some of our carver's pieces at the Los Osos Library, which will be on display throughout the month of August.  Cindy and Matt Pomerico have also set up a display at the Paso Robles Library.  Stop in and admire their/your work!

Get well wishes have been sent to Matt on behalf of our group, as he's been dealing with some medical issues this past week. Stay tuned for whether or not there will be an August 10 carving session at the Paso Robles History Museum.

Happy August birthdays to Jeanie & Charlie Roberts, and to Bob Schneiders.  Carolyn and Ed Zirbel  will celebrate their 59th anniversary, and just 20 years behind them, are the Wrights. Much to 
celebrate in August!

The September  20th Rendezvous and our 42nd Woodcarver's Show in Cambria on the 21st and 22nd are fast approaching.  Please sign up to volunteer, to reserve your tables, plan your menu for the potluck, and finish up your pieces to show/sell/raffle/and offer as raffle ticket bonuses.

Hope to see you at the Annex this coming Tuesday!
Laurie Wright, 2019 Secretary

July 2019



Greetings, carvers!

  The Native American Flute lesson tables were filled on Tuesday, with lilting music heard from that side of the room from time to time.  We expect to hear a full on concert from our flautists in the upcoming weeks!

We welcomed a new member to our club on Tuesday: Richard Flores. Glad to have interested carvers join us!  Please be sure to say hello to any new faces at our sessions.

Scot reported that carving at the MidState Fair was great fun, and especially so as our booth is located in the children's building, offering a chance to have many families stop by and to spark some carving interest in the younger generation.  Our volunteer carvers will again be there this coming Friday from noon until 8 pm.  Stop in and say HI".

Scot reminded us that he has secured the Los Osos Library display case for the month of August.  There is plenty of room for pieces in that cabinet.  Scot requests that you bring your display pieces to him at next Tuesday's session so he can set up the case on August 1.

As you know, I send  newsletters 3-4 times a month, as activities occur.  If you feel like you are missing some, please check your "SPAM" folder as, for some unknown reason, they occasionally  want to settle there rather than in your IN box.  


Keep carving!
Laurie Wright, 2019 Secretary

July 16th Carving 

We enjoyed seeing some long gone faces today, including Dave Johnson who drove to and back from Minnesota for a woodcarving course and is eager to present a class on Pipestone Carving, which we'll add to our 2020 calendar.  


Matt Pomerico joined us and filled the display table with a great variety of his wonderfully carved pieces.  Matt continues to lead carving sessions on the second Saturday of each month (with rare exceptions) from 1-4 p.m. at the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum.  The next session is this coming Saturday, July 13.  All are invited to join in and carve.


We gladly welcomed two new bright & friendly members to our group: Yvonne Bailey from Lompoc and Ginny Lawliss from Morro Bay!  


Several of our carvers will be at our booth/table at the MidState Fair from 12-8 p.m.  Saturday, July 20th and Friday, July 26th.  Stop in and say "Hi".  Thanks to our volunteer carvers for representing our group!


A volunteer sign-up list was available for members to add their names to for our upcoming 42nd annual Woodcarver's Show.  There are many varied tasks required to get this show to run smoothly.  All hands on deck!  Please lend a hand on the day(s)  of the Show in addition to carving your items for the show/raffle/prizes.

I will have blank applications for your SHOW table reservation and/or Rendezvous reservation available at upcoming Tuesday's carving sessions.  You may also find information about the show and an  application in the California Carver's Guild Log ( and in previous emails from me.

July 9th Carving Day

Happy Summer, Carvers!

We were happy to have Shelley back with us today, and have enjoyed Ray Johnson's grandson, Charles, spending a few Tuesdays with us!  (I got wind that the family is gathering soon to celebrate Ray and Helen's 60th anniversary.  Congratulations!)

Ray reminded everyone to be aware of their knife's escape route when carving...our carving gloves aren't 100% impenetrable.  Be cautious of a potential injury site if your knife were to go through your glove.  Carve patiently and carefully.  We do keep a first aid kit on hand, at Tuesday's sessions, just in case. ** 

IMG_1708 July 15.jpg
IMG_1716 July 15.jpg

Dick Marshall brought in some  beautiful volunteer decorative squash to share.  There were various opinions voiced as to whether these vegetables were edible vs able to be carved when dry  vs they dry and are for appearance as is.

Scot Lang has signed us up to showcase carved pieces in the Los Osos Library display case from August 1-August 31.  Please consider displaying one or more of your pieces: this boosts interest in our carving group in general and sparks interest in our upcoming carving show.  Please lend your pieces to either Scot or myself before or at the July 30 carving session at St. Timothy's.  If anyone else has made arrangements with other local libraries to do the same, please let Scot know.  

Scot will have the passes for the Midstate Fair volunteer carvers.  Scot is the only carver signed up for the 4-8 p.m. sessions on July 20 and July 26 and is looking for additional volunteer carvers to join him.  

**Please note that one advantage to being a member of the California Carver's Guild is that their insurance covers Central Coast Woodcarving members who are also members of the Guild.  Non-Guild CCW members are NOT covered if an injury were to occur during a  CCW carving sponsored session.   (Member dues for Central Coast Woodcarvers is $10 per individual per year.  Member dues for California Carver's Guild is $25 for individuals/$40 per couple per year, $300/lifetime member.  All carvers regularly carving at St. Timothy's or at the Paso Robles History Museum should be members of the CCW AND should be members of CCG.  Please see Scot, Tom Nickelson or myself for questions about dues) 

There is carving at the Paso Robles History Museum this coming Saturday, July 13, 1-4 p.m.     


Longer lit evenings allow for more carving hours!  Keep carving!


Laurie Wright, 2019 Secretary

July 2nd Carving Day

Thank you to Jim and Donna for the delicious summer pies they brought to Tuesday's carving session~ YUM!

Members shared care and concern for Shelley's husband, Rick, and are looking forward to seeing Shelley at carving again soon, hopefully with encouraging news.

There will be carving at the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum on Saturday, July 13, 1-4 p.m., led by Matt Pomerico.

Ed Zirbel's Native American Flute making class has reached its limit of participants and will begin on July 23rd.  Those who are on the class list will be receiving a memo with supplies needed and further details 
about the class.

Scot Lang will have MidState Fair passes for those who have signed up to participate in the carver's booth on  July 20 and/or July 26.

Dick Marshall has been busy organizing the many details for our September 21 & 22 Woodcarver's SHOW.  Mark your calendars! Have you reserved your table?  Do you have your 2+ "giveaways" for the raffle 
ticket purchasers carved?

In addition to the beautiful pieces you see attached, Tuesday's carvers were working on bark carvings, woodburning, human figures, chains, relief carvings, bar figures, a mountain lion, ornaments and MORE.  Such a creative and talented group!  Each one of you is an inspiration!

Please submit items of interest to our webmaster Charlie Roberts.

I hope all have a pleasant and happy 4th of JULY!

Laurie Wright, 2019 Secretary

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