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Club News

Summer 2021

August 26th - Thursday Online

Our Thursday evening on-line carver’s session was lightly attended, possibly due to those not having saved their perpetual Google MEET login.  I will be resending the login for you to SAVE, so that you will be able to participate in further sessions. 

Scot Lang’s immediate carving activities have been side-lined due to a hand vs door run-in.  A probably dislocated left 4th finger requires wearing a splint thus making it very challenging to carve.


News from the Cayucos Vet’s Hall, per Breck Smith:  Once the building is rebuilt and up to code, the County of San Luis Obispo will be managing the site rentals and the cost is expected to be far above our club’s budget.  For the time being, we may continue to use the patio there, and are thankful for it. (Thanks, Breck!)


Gary Hensley reports that the Tri-Valley Carvers Woodcarver’s Show, in Pleasanton, is still on the calendar for the weekend of September 11 & 12.


September 14 CCW carver’s SWAP MEET:  bring those items that you’re ready to pass along/swap/sell.  Roger Owens was contacted about this event: he may possibly stop in with a truckbed of Ernie Ball wood remnants to give away.

Several Channel island/CCG carvers and other CCG members had made hotel/site reservations for our recently cancelled CCW Woodcarver’s Show.  They are keeping those reservations and will meet that weekend for some socialization, carving, wine tasting and other Central Coast activities.


Gary Hensley has been in touch with Larry Smith in Oakhurst.  Plans are in place for the Rendezvous there next spring. 


Larry Wade informed us about the many art and woodcarver’s events planned and/or recently held in the Portland area. 25 dedicated carvers gathered on Larry’s property recently, masked and socially distance, for a 95 degree morning of carving, demos, and like-minded socializing .  Art InThe Pearl is a popular event, with no selling allowed, just demonstrations and displays.  The Oregon Carver’s whittled dog roughouts,  50% of the pieces complete, and handed them out with carving instructions, for attendees to finish on their own.  At another 1 day event, wood carvers sold $1700 of carvings, and woodturners sold $2400.  The biggest sellers were $5 pieces (many toys)  A continuous  loop of Mary May carving tutorials was shown on a 32” TV screen.    Free classes are being offered, for projects that can be competed in 2 hours.  The 6th Max Sutter class will start Thursday Sept 16 and run through the end of October (register at


Larry Wade was able to obtain a large amount of Northern white pine, to be used for future class projects.  He related a story about carver Kelley Staddleman, who taught from 1995-2008, and mainly carved Santas out of white pine.  She was able to locate a wood source in Idaho , loaded a great deal up, hauled it home where her husband was able to mill it.  “A carver’s dream” says Larry.


A discussion was held regarding EJ Tangerman who has written many books related to carving and is notably on the cover of this month’s edition of Woodcarving Illustrated.


Did you know that BALI is the country touted as being the most prolific with carvers?  Apparently, carving is such a part of the culture there that carving is not considered an art, but a way of life. (Thanks, Larry)


 WORLD WOOD DAY is celebrated annually throughout the world on March 21, the vernal Equinox.  It is a cultural event held “to raise awareness of the importance of wood in a sustainable works and its responsible use.” (Anyday Guide) The event has been held in various sites around the globe, including in Long Beach, CA, and hosts a large number of wood carvers demonstrating their craft, which has included our own Gary Hensley and Matt Pomerico, to name a few.


Discussion of current fires throughout the western states was had.  Locations and details of current fires may be found at .  (Thanks, Scot)  The fires to our north have made for some spectacular sunsets here on the Central Coast recently (photos)


As Larry Wade stated: “One person can make a great difference.”  Be that person.



Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver’s Guild


4th - Cayucos Vets Hall - 9 am to Noon

A Happy Birthday celebration for both Jeanie and Charlie Roberts was held on the carving patio today.  Thanks to Dot Rygh for the delicious cupcakes!  Upcoming happy events this week include wedding anniversaries for the Zirbels and the Wrights and birthday candles for Bob Schnieders.  The following week will find Walt Ross enjoying a birthday, and the Nickelson’s celebrating their anniversary. 

Scot Lang reminded us that pieces on display in the Los Osos Library will need to be picked up next Tuesday,  August 31.  Scot will meet those collecting their pieces at 2 p.m. at the library.    If you are unable to meet then, please contact Scot.


Gather up your unused collections of tools, wood, blanks, books, etc., for our CCW SWAP MEET, to be held on the Cayucos Vet’s hall patio Tuesday, September 14 from 10-1.

A chat with Dick Marshall today was quite educational:  

  • The peregrine falcon’s talons (photo) were made from a brass rod and epoxy putty.  Dick heated the rod and pounded the end flat into a spoon-like oval.  He then ground the talons from that pounded piece.  The epoxy (from Micro-Mark works well for Dick, as it has a satisfactory curing time, unlike some others which either harden too quickly or too slowly for his taste.   Dick applied the epoxy to the metal talons, then painted them.  Dick carved the rock on which the falcon sits from tupelo.  After power carving it, he used a torch to burn off the resulting fuzz, which also brings out the grain.

  • The curlew (photo) is carved from sugarpine.  The beak is a tine from a pitchfork and the eyes are BBs, which have been soaked in muriatic acid, followed by a sea water bath to form the rust.  For bigger eyes, Dick uses slingshot ammo, available from Walmart, and applies the same process. 

  • Dick suggests that patiently applying multiple layers of paint over time develops the softness of the birds. 

  • Basswood tends to “fuzz up” when using power tools on it.  Tupelo is a good wood for power carving, but is more troublesome to knife carve. 

  • A story:     A carving friend of Dick’s, on Long Island NY, is quite talented in carving and painting realistic looking duck decoys. He placed several in a marsh by the sea shore and watched a peregrine falcon attempt to snatch one 3 times! 

  • Dick, on his bird carvings:  “They are a labor of love for a raptor and shorebird fan.”   


When next in San Luis Obispo, you are urged to look atop the old County Courthouse at the corner of Osos and Monterey Streets.   A few years back,  Dave Johnson, carver, blacksmith and metal artist, was asked to replace the weathervane which

had been stolen.  His weathervane still can be seen there.  (The old one was later found and is on display in a case inside the new courthouse)

Today’s photos (the slide show on the home page) include scenes on the patio last week taken by Breck Smith, some examples of our carver’s pieces both completed and in progress, carving  action and  friendly carvers’ faces.    


Our bi-monthly CCW Google MEET session will be held this coming Thursday, August 6, from 5-6 p.m.   You might receive the log-in from Charlie Roberts.    

Gary Eaves, current editor of the CCG LOG, is wondering if any of our members recall a collection of past LOGs, which were, at one time, stored with a CCW member.   If you know where they are, please contact Gary.


Until next time,

Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver’s Guild    

August 18th - Cayucos Vets Hall - 9 am to Noon

There was little to report from the August 18th carving session.  The usual ten or so carvers showed up, a number of photos were taken of current projects, and as usual a number of stories were told.

Zac showed up fairly late, but he brought tools and projects to show off.  It was for power carving, so the power carvers present became quite interested in what he had to show.  He promises to bring more good stuff next week.   Dave noted that what Zac was doing was exactly what our group was about.  Sharing knowledge and skills along with a few stories to keep everyone interested

To see the photos of current projects and events go to the home page and start going through the slide show at the top of the page.

The noise presented here for this report was done by Charlie with a lot of great labeled photos by Laurie Wright.

August 12th - Online Meeting  5:00 PM

News from the CCW Google MEET session from August 12, 2021, 5 p.m. to 6:19 p.m.:

Ten carvers met on-line, including newest  CCW/CCG member Jan Whiteley, who lives near Lake Nacimiento and is the daughter-in-law of Jim Whiteley(RIP).  Jim was a member of the Santa Anita carvers, known as the “Duckman”, for his long history of carving  thousands of duck blanks to hand out along with a sanding belt  to encourage interest in carving. (photos attached). 


Jan is a self-taught carver, mainly carving reliefs.  CCW carvers offered several suggestions for Jan tonight, including where to locally source wood, how to finish/seal her completed pieces, and more. Jan has recently purchased slabs of basswood from a company in Upland.  Larry Wade suggested: “Finish before you start”, meaning plan your entire piece, including how you will seal it at the end even before you make your first cut.


Congratulations were extended to the Hensleys on celebrating their 53rd anniversary.


Gary Hensley reported that over 20 carvers attended the Channel Islands Carvers “Show and Tell” session 2 weeks ago.  7 masked carvers attended the last session, held weekly in the meeting room at a Senior Mobile Home Park.


Al Plasch and Tom Bundy showed us their relief carvings, which were started as they participated in the Max Sutter Relief Carving classes offered through the Oregon Carver’s Guild.    Larry Wade reminded us that the presentations were recorded and are available for viewing at


Larry Wade reported that the upcoming carver’s get-together on his ½ acre property in Oregon is still scheduled, with the hours cut to 3 from the 4 originally planned, 1 demo instead of 3, and guests being required to wear masks.  Oregon carvers will participate in “Art In The Pearl”, demonstrating relief carving, shown on a 32” TV screen, and handing out ½-1” thick dog blanks to children, offering them an art table on which to color or woodburn their pieces.  2 additional shows were also planned but volunteers to man the shows have been hard to find.


Yvonne Bailey showed us her carved pieces, including one of a nun.  She asked if nun’s habits had pockets, to incorporate into her piece.  Jan will ask a family member who is a nun to confirm.  (Research indicates “yes”).  Yvonne also showed us the tool box that she bought from Harbor Freight as well as the small STIHL chainsaw she uses for numerous purposes, and is also used by a Vancouver WA class per Larry Wade.


Larry Wade mentioned that Max Sutter’s son John has donated thousands of woodcarving tools to the Oregon Carver’s Guild, which packages them into lending kits for carvers.


Tom Nickelson’s carved beaver head was delivered to the new president of OSU, and was well received.  The carving will remain in the home for each consecutive president.


Discussion was had about Oregon myrtle, aka California laurel, touted as being “special & rare”, but that was determined to be a myth.  The wood is beautiful and is a nice wood to carve but is highly variable, per Tom Nickelson.  He obtains his thick myrtlewood planks from Cook Woods in Klamath falls.   Tom mentioned  a slow growing Foxpine (similar to Bristlecone pine) slice from the Eastern Sierras with over 1500 rings counted!


It was agreed that finishes for pieces were personal preferences, with a variety of products being used by carvers: Watco vs tungoil vs paint vs shellac , waxed vs unwaxed were mentioned.  Some carvers sand between each layer of finish.


Jim Cady is working on putting together a presentation on carving bird cages.  He suggests an in-person class in lieu of an online class for this project.


You can view images of Tom Bundy’s pieces on Instagram at tom_bundy.sculptor


Dave Dignam will facilitate this Saturday’s (August 14) carving session at the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum from 10-1.  Bring your own piece to carve or work on pieces (spoons) available from Dave.


Mark your calendars for Saturday’s get together in Paso Robles, next Tuesday’s in person gathering in Cayucos,  and another on-line session in 2 weeks.



Laurie Wright 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver’s Guild

August 11th, Cayucos Vets Hall

Hello Carvers,

Ten folks were happily carving and chatting on the Cayucos Vet's Hall patio yesterday.  The fog was in and pelicans and other sea birds were congregating close to shore, no doubt dining on a tasty bait ball.  Our taste buds were tickled by  Donna Cady's delicious berry  pie (photo)

Busy hands were creatively carving (photos).  Note the dust-free sanding product that Dot Rygh and many other carvers like to use for their pieces(photo)

New CCW carver Jan Whiteley submitted 6 photos of  the beautiful pieces that she's carved, including  a parrot, eagle, plumed bird, horses, a surfer and a Morro Bay scene.    (photos and links attached)

You should be receiving a link from Charlie Roberts regarding our Google MEET virtual session being held tomorrow, Thursday August 12 at 5 p.m. 
We hope to see you there.


Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

August 3, 2021, Cayucos Vets Hall outdoor dining area.

Eighteen carvers met today on the patio of the Cayucos Vet’s Hall to carve, chat and to make a decision about our  Woodcarver’s Show, which was cancelled last year due to COVID concerns and restrictions, and was optimistically re-scheduled for September 18 & 19, 2021.


With much regret and with great caution, the decision to once again postpone/cancel the 2021 Woodcarver’s Show was unanimously decided by all carvers on site at 10:05.  Some of the comments voiced today, before the vote, were:

·       The health of our carvers and guests is too precious to put at risk,

·        Use of the venue has not been confirmed by the Cambria CSD,

·       74,000 new Delta cases in the last week in CA,

·       CCW carvers haven’t met often enough/consistently enough to work on projects,

·       Not willing to risk my life for the show,

·       Concern about transmission of viruses via handling of pieces by attendees,

·       Facemasks would be required to enter and participate,

·       There is no safe way to put on the show.


Scot Lang will contact Gary Hensley, President of the CCG and Darrell Easter, scheduled Rendezvous carving instructor.

We will ask Gary Eaves, CCG LOG Editor, to note the cancellation in an upcoming LOG, if scheduled  for distribution prior to the September show dates.


Tom Nickelson will notify Lynn Nicholsen and return any submitted registration checks (3).  Hearty thanks were extended to Dick Marshall for all of his efforts put forth for this year’s show.

Tom Nickelson gave a financial report: our bank account holds over $8000

Dave Dignam gave a report on St Timothy’s Catholic Church.  He is confident that the church is anxious to have us back, as well as the multitude of other organizations that use their facilities.  Recently discovered termite damage, roof damage and a gas leak are some of the factors preventing return to the annex at this time. 

Dave Dignam gave a history on our carving at the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum:  Matt Pomerico initiated and led the sessions for those carvers who worked during the week or who otherwise couldn’t attend our Tuesday sessions.  Since the museum has opened up again for our carving sessions, the turnout has been disappointingly low, despite changing the hours to escape the heat of the day.  Dave reports that sessions will continue to be held Saturday, August 14 from 10-1, November 13 from 1-4, and December 11 from 1-4.  If attendance continues to be low, the sessions might be discontinued following the December date.  Melody Mullis was thanked for changing her schedule to open up the museum at an earlier time than previously scheduled.


Dick Marshall suggested holding a Carver’s Swap Meet on the patio of Cayucos Vet’s hall on Tuesday, September 14 from 9-12.  All in favor.


It was proposed to change our on-line Google MEET sessions, from every other Thursday, to the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month at 5 p.m.  You will receive invites to join from Charlie Roberts if you are on the mailing list.  Our next session is scheduled for August 12th, followed by August 26th.


We are grateful to be able to continue to use the Cayucos Vet’s Hall patio for our Tuesday session, much thanks to Breck Smith.  We will continue to seek out indoor opportunities, which have, so far, been priced at $35/hour of use, if even available, until our anticipated return to St. Timothy’s.


Scot Lang thanked all of the CCW carvers for their volunteer spirit in keeping our group so active both pre-COVID and currently.

 We would like to welcome a new CCW member: Jan Whiteley, from Paso Robles.  Jan’s hobbies include woodcarving, photography, gardening, cooking and fishing. She and her husband, Jim, are parents to one son and two grandsons. She’ll find many like-minded new friends among our carvers!  We look forward to meeting you, Jan!

Photos posted on the website today:

*Bill and Susie Bishop enjoyed a getaway to the coast from the hot central valley and helped fill the display case at the Los Osos Library with CCW members’ carvings, including Bill’s.  Bill sent the photos which included Pat Rygh’s terns displayed prominently in the library itself.

*Jim Cady with 3 of his parrot- in -a- cage pieces

*Melody Mullis’s woodburned London scene(s)

*Friendly CCW members

*Charlie Roberts is carving another beautiful frame

*Zac Ervin and his cedar branch wood spirit



Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

July 29, 2021,  CCW Google MEET session:


Nine members attended including Charlie, Larry, Scot, Laurie, Jim, Tom B, Yvonne, Melody and Gary.

Scot Lang reported that Dick Marshall has had no response from the Cambria department that manages the Vet’s hall, so it is unknown whether we would have permission to hold the Woodcarver’s Show there as planned for September 18 & 19.  The pros and cons of holding the Show this year are to be discussed at our session on Tuesday, August 3 in Cayucos and a vote will be taken at that time.


Scot Lang will pursue an idea suggested by Walt Ross for indoor weekly sessions: asking about the availability to use a room at Cuesta College.


Scot Lang showed us his avocado pit carvings.  He reports that tongue depressors are a bit too flexible to place a halved avocado pit on to carve, so he uses flat sticks of poplar as his base.


Scot Lang will be placing CCW pieces in the Los Osos Library display case on Saturday, to be viewed through the month of August. (Note: pieces were installed as planned, thanks to Scot Lang, Dot and Pat Rygh, Jim Cady, Dick Marshall, Bill and Susie Bishop, and Marsha Goss) see photo from Scot.


Gary Hensley reported that the Channel Islands Carvers  (CIC)are again meeting weekly, with all attendees wearing masks.  Next session will include a “Show & Tell”, with any handicraft welcome.  The CIC last held an annual woodcarving show 3 or 4 years ago, but volunteers to help were very few and far between and it was too much to manage without more help.  Gary is working on a workstation for his shop.


Larry Wade reports that the gourd seeds sent by Scot Lang are growing well among his zucchini and pumpkins.  Larry is hosting a woodcarvers picnic on his property in 2 weeks: 25 people have signed up including a carver from Daly City, CA, who has participated in some of the on-line classes offered through the Oregon Carver’s Guild.


Yvonne Bailey shared her avocado pit carving, carved freehand (not mounted on a carving stick) as well as her carved cowboy.  She utilized photoshop to interchange characters in a photo and used that pattern  to carve out a scene of a St Bernard pulling a sled using her scrollsaw.


Larry Wade informed us of upcoming sessions, held virtually on the second Tuesday of each month,  via the Oregon Carver’s Guild (  September: Holiday gift making, October: Woodburning For Carvers, the second in a series, and November: the third in a sequence of wood painting by Jeff Harness.  Larry notes that their club has not held an annual  woodcarving show since 2002.  Please take a look at the latest Oregon Carver’s Guild Newsletter from Larry Wade, available for viewing at :

This topics in this issue are:

- Picnic and Demos on August 14th

- Monthly Programs for Sept, Oct and Nov
- Upcoming classes
- Other Carving Opportunities in the area
- Travel carving kits - 2 examples
- Construction plans for the Guid's Portable Carving Bench
- Carved door in Sisters
- Trying to find the SE Portland (Sellwood) "House of Whimsy"
- Link to three page Chip Chats article about the Oregon Carvers Guild

Larry Wade is looking for suggestions to inspire and encourage participation in carving in general, and to facilitate interest in the Oregon Carvers Guild specifically. Larry wonders what activities could attendees participate in during an art/craft fair, how best to distribute fliers, etc, to local hotel and businesses, how to engage stores to display carving information?     Suggestions given: distribute bookmarks that list meeting times and activities, distribute laser printed information on thin slats of veneer, hold parent/child sessions with the parents carving wood with a knife and child(ren) carving soap with a plastic implement, demos of carving during craft fairs,  scouting activities, hold carving contests. Please send any suggestions to Larry Wade.


Laurie Wright wondered if the virtual meeting could be scheduled on planned days of the month (such as the second and fourth Thursday of every month) vs every other Thursday, for ease of planning.  Those attending agreed that would be helpful in planning their calendars.


Please plan on attending the in-person carving session on Tuesday, August 3, or send in your suggestions regarding the Woodcarver’s Show to



Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver’s Guild

July 20th - Tuesday In-person at the Cayucos Vets Hall

Hello Carvers,

10 carvers were carving on the Cayucos Vet's Hall patio today. 

There has been no date given for our return to St. Timothy's, but we remain hopeful that our move back indoors to the annex will happen soon.

The Los Osos Library will showcase our CCW pieces in their entryway display case during the month of August.  Scot Lang will accept 20-30 pieces  from our carvers to be placed therefor the month.  Please contact Scot at 408-482-1951 to arrange to drop off your pieces or to schedule to meet at the library on August 1.

Enjoy the photos of some of the pieces being worked on today.


Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver's Guild.


Nobody made a report for the 13th.


July 6th - Tuesday In-person at the Cayucos Vets Hall

Happy July, Carvers!

Due to conflicting activities I haven't/won't be able to attend any carving sessions for a few weeks, however Jeanie and Charlie Roberts are keeping the photos coming this week.  Thank you!

The outdoor setting in Cayucos has been a  good spot to meet and carve, with weather cooperating and parking spots available first thing in the morning.

This coming Saturday, July 10, from 10-1 at the Pioneer History Museum in Paso Robles Dick Marshall will be leading the regularly scheduled carving group session.  Please do join in.

The next bi-monthly on-line Google MEET session will be on July 15 at 5 p.m.  Charlie Roberts will send you the link allowing you to join.

Feel free to send pertinent photos, scheduled events, announcements and information to me to add to future newsletters.

Until next time,

Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary
Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carvers Guild

July 1st - Thursday Online Meeting,

The July 1,2021 online meeting started with Scot talking about the ins and outs of carving a bird in a cage, and making some avocado pit “handles” out of tongue depressors and gluing the pits to them to make an easier handle for holding while carving. Larry Wade had several questions about the bird cage carving process and what tools to use, as well as design of the carving in general.

Tom Nickelson is back from his fly fishing trip to the Carson River. His grandson was the recipient of Tom’s knowledge and expertise on the subject, and was able to land his first trout caught on a fly.  Tom also let us know that he will be out of town from the 12th to the 27th of July, and from the 13th to the 27th of August.  He will give an updated report on show table availability in the first part of August. He has also been carving some smaller bears from various hardwoods in preparation for the show.


Vicky Hopson attended the RV carvers rendezvous hosted by the Peerys near Lodi from June 12th to the 22nd. She said it was a little noisy with the freeways near, but a good time was still had by all.


Yvonne Bailey showed everyone her carved caricature Indian, and “Dapper Dan,” a cheroot smoking blonde guy in a black hat and suit.


Marsha Goss has been working on some pyrography projects, as well as making quilts for the local hospice.


Larry Wade let us know that the record heat in the Portland area was not too much of a problem for him.  “The air-conditioning worked just fine!” he let us know, and that temps and conditions have returned to more normal.


Al Plasch reported that the Channel Islands Carvers got together for their first post-pandemic in-person meeting, which deserved a cheer! Al has also been working on carving and painting his decorative spoon, a carved and painted Christmas wreath, and put the finishing touches on his cat from our class at the 2019 carvers rendezvous.


Attendees: Charles Roberts, Scot Lang, Tom Nickelson, Melody Mullis, Tom Bundy, Vicky Hopson, Yvonne Bailey, Jim Cady, Marsha Goss, Al Plasch, Larry Wade.

Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carvers Guild



June 29th,

June Gloom settled over Cayucos today but the temperatures remained comfortable enough for the carvers who met on the patio.  Thanks to Breck for sourcing electricity for today’s and future uses on the Vet’s Hall patio.


Scot was safely protected from the elements, accompanied by his mom (photo), Melody was busily bark carving (photo) as were Chuck and Ed.  Breck was power carving a frog, Dick was sanding a bird, Dot was carving a medallion, Jeanie a Santa.  Laurie was sanding a hair pin, Charlie was laying out a frame pattern, Jim and Donna provided us with baked goodies,  Tom was power carving on his large seahorse (photos), and Scot was carving a spoon (photo).  We all were well supervised by Pat Rygh.

There will be a  5 p.m. Google MEET session this coming Thursday, July 1.  See link provided below for the log-in.


CCCarving Online Meeting


Occurs every 2 weeks on Thursday effective 7/1/2021 from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Organizer: <>


This is an updated link for our Thursday online meetings. -::~:~::~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~:~::~:~::- Do not edit this section of the description. This event has a video call. Join: (US) +1 929-299-3730 PIN: 170066914# View more phone numbers:

View your event at

The Morro Bay Art show is being held this weekend.  Stop in to see at least one familiar CCW member and their pieces.

In the attached photos today you will see a compilation of busy carving hands as well as the following pieces:

  • Tom Bundy’s seahorse, painstakingly carved over the course of the past 5 years, out of digger pine.  Tom reports that he has several other similar pieces in progress.  Look for one or more of his carvings at the upcoming Woodcarver’s Show.

  • Jim Cady’s power and hand carved chain.  The carved watch is an homage to his railroader father-in-law “Sappo”.  The chain, with power and hand carving, took Jim 3 weeks to complete.  The watch has taken one week, with paint yet to be applied.

  • Jim Cady also carved a figure from a clothespin

  • Charlie Roberts carved and woodburned  the oak leaf patterned  floating frame in which sits the oil painting done by Jeanie Roberts.  The painting is of 4 of Jeanie’s grandchildren, one of which wasn’t in the original photo that she used for inspiration.  A later picture of the youngest was taken and Jeanie perfectly incorporated him into this piece.  Jeanine painted for 5 hours a day for 3 weeks on this particular project.

  • Charlie Roberts’ chain carved hand-made frame.  Note that he had barely begun carving the frame at least week’s session, and it is now complete!

  • Kristen Bachman sent in a photo of her “Strawberry Shortcake” piece, in progress, being made for a friend.

Please keep in mind the volunteer opportunities needed to be filled for our upcoming Show, September 18 & 19.  Many hands are needed to help make the show run smoothly.  The sign up list is available every Tuesday, and was posted in a previous newsletter.  Reminders will continue as the show nears.  Please sign up to help via Dick or Laurie.

We hope to see many of you on-line on Thursday and/or at our in-person Tuesday’s sessions. 



Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver’s Guild.

June 22nd - Meeting at Cayucos Vet's Hall

Hello, Carvers!

Unfortunate news for our Tuesday sessions has just been announced:  the Cayucos Vet's Hall  and bathrooms are no longer available for our use.  Access to electrical outlets will not  be available either so we will focus on hand carving or power carving with battery power only. We WILL plan on meeting outdoors on the patio there on the Vet's Hall grounds on Tuesdays until another option becomes available.    Scot will bring a pop-up canopy and asks others to bring theirs as well, if possible.   Please bear with us as alternate sites are looked into, and as we await our return to St. Timothy's in Morro Bay.

 8 carvers met on-line for last weeks' Google MEET session. Once Scot finds his notes, I will be reporting on news from that meeting.

Please note the attached photo of a painting by Jeanie Roberts, placed into a floating frame made and carved by Charlie Roberts.  Lovely work by both of these CCW members.


Happy birthday wishes are sent to Rindi Patterson!


Upcoming dates/events to note: 

*Thursday, July 1, 5 p.m. CCW Google on-line MEET session.  (look for your log in from Charlie Roberts)

*Saturday, July 10, in-person carving from 9 a.m. -1 p.m. at the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum.  Session led by Dick Marshall.

*Take a peek at for their scheduled calendar of upcoming free classes, including a WoodSpirit carving course beginning July 8

The weather has been absolutely lovely on the coast. We are sending cooling thoughts to our inland friends.


Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver's Guild

June 15th Meeting at the Cayucos Vet's Hall

Hello Carvers!

Eighteen of us met today at the Cayucos Vet’s Hall.  Several long-missed folks returned to our group.  Thanks to those who provided refreshment and, again, to Breck Smith for making the space available.


Happy birthday greetings this week to Scot Lang and to Jim Cady!


You are invited to join in on Thursday’s Google MEET session beginning at 5 p.m.  6/17.  Look for Charlie Roberts’ email with the log in information.


Cindy Pomerico invites all to her garage sale being held on Friday 6/18, Saturday 6/19 & Sunday 6/20 at 27 Terrace Hill Drive, Paso Robles.


Just 3 carvers met at the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum last Saturday.  The sessions, held on the second Saturday of the month (but not in September or October), will continue through 2021.


The Mid-State Fair coordinators contacted Scot Lang about a CCW booth at the fair this summer.  Unfortunately, they wanted an immediate commitment from carvers, and as Scot was unable to find volunteers to staff the booth on such short notice, the decision was made to pass on participating this year.


Thank you to those who have already volunteered for assignments at our Woodcarver’s Show scheduled September 18 & 19.  The are MANY more opportunities to help: all are encouraged to review the roster listed in last weeks’ newsletter and sign up to help make the show a successful event.


If anyone has an old pitchfork that they are ready to dispose of Dick Marshall could use the tines for his antique bird



Thanks for your time,

Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver's Guild

June 8th Meeting at Cayucos Vet's Hall

Greetings, Carvers!

Fourteen attended Scot Lang’s sphere carving session last Thursday as he presented a 45 minute class during our Google MEET hour. 

Twelve carvers met in sunny Cayucos on Tuesday: sanding, hand carving, power carving, and happily adding to their collections the numerous pieces donated by Lisa Haslett from Cuyama.  (photos from the session)


News from St Timothy’s Catholic Church and our return to their annex:  They are anxious to have us back for our regularly scheduled Tuesday sessions, but there are several issues with the annex itself, which won’t be remedied until late July/August, at the earliest.   So, until then, we are gratefully meeting each Tuesday from 9-1 at the Cayucos Vet’s Hall, thanks to fellow carver, Breck Smith.


Dave Dignam will lead the carving session this coming Saturday, June 12, at the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum from 10-1.  All are welcome to meet to work on their own projects or on a project planned by Dave.


Mark your calendars for September 17th, for the CCW Rendezvous, to be held at Shamel Park, in Cambria.  Darrel Easter will be the instructor for the day. 


Following the Rendezvous, on September 18 & 19,   our much anticipated 43rd Woodcarver’s Show is being planned and coordinated by Show chairperson, Dick Marshall.


We hope that Larry Wade is back up and kicking real soon!  His latest newsletter can be read here:        Upcoming  FREE presentations include a show-and-tell, Woodspirit Carving,  and Relief Carving. Attendees must register to enable participation.


If your phone numbers, address and/or email have changed please send the correct contact information to me so I can update our roster. 


San Luis Obispo County is now in the yellow tier, with COVID restrictions expected to ease even more within the next week. 



Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver’s Guild

June 1st Meeting at Cayucos Vet's Hall

Happy June, Carvers!


"June Gloom" may have descended on the coast but our carving spirits are bright!  Fifteen carvers met at the Cayucos Vet’s Hall today, including our new CCW/CCG member, Zac Ervin (photo).  Zac notes that he is an “aspiring sculptor/entrepreneur” and has experience as a” power carver, chainsaw artist and air-brush enthusiast.”  WELCOME, Zac!


Last Saturday found Dave Dignam, Bob Schnieders, Dick Marshall, Scot Lang and Ed Zirbel manning a table at the Cambria Heritage Days celebration.  (photos).  Although the attendance was smaller than hoped, Tom and I watched as a number of interested visitors stopped by to chat and admire our carver’s pieces. (photos)


This coming Thursday, June 3, at 5 p.m. Scot Lang will be offering on-line instruction on how to carve a ball from a square piece of wood.  He was working on his go-bys today( photo).  Reminder:  have your carving knife and a square 2x2” or 3x3” piece of wood on hand to follow along.  Charlie Roberts will send out an email for the link to Thursday’s session.  (contact Charlie at  if you don’t receive the link on Thursday, or if you are having trouble logging on)


The monthly carving session at the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum will be held  Saturday, June 12, from 10-1p.m.  Dave Dignam, Dick Marshall, Jerry Graybill and Scot Lang will act as Saturday session facilitators.  They are scheduled to lead the sessions alphabetically: Dave in June, Dick in July, Jerry in August, September and October skipped due to our CCW show and Paso Robles Pioneer Days, Scot in November, and so on.  The facilitators will each have a project for attendees to work on, or the attendees may bring their own pieces to the sessions.


Melody Mullis has 10 boxes of donated carving books to yet go through and catalogue. She will be adding new categories such as Birds of Prey and Hummingbirds to the CCW collection.    She brought a selection of duplicate copies of books to our session today which were available to add to any carver’s own library.  Looking for a book?  Check out our CCW library section on our website .  Keep checking in as the listings will be added to.


Those who stayed later at today’s session were gifted with a wood bonanza!  Roger Owens, whose son works for Ernie Ball Inc , a guitar manufacturing company in San Luis Obispo, stopped by to share a truckload of wood gleaned from the shop’s refuse.  The wood included cuts of maple, poplar, birdseye maple,  tiger maple and more.  Thanks to Jerry Graybill, who stopped in at Roger’s store in Cambria (photo of business card), and informed Roger of our current carving site.  Roger has delivered wood to our sessions previously, and will do so again in the future.  He hopes to be able to deliver some basswood along with other assorted woods.  Please consider stopping in at Roger’s store and repaying his generosity with your purchases there.  If our carvers who received wood make something out of the wood collected today, perhaps they would consider gifting Roger a finished piece or two.


Our much anticipated Central Coast Woodcarver’s Show is coming up!  (photo)


Do you need to sharpen your carving tools?  The CCW knife sharpener is available for use in Tom Wright’s shop.  Schedule an appointment when needed.


Get well wishes are extended to Al Plasch and his wife Kris. 


Continue to keep those spirits bright and those knife blades sharp, Carvers!


Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver’s Guild.

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