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Online Resources 

This is a brand new page.  Current links have come from the California Carving Guild site.  We will be adding to this resource list in the near future.


Instructional Videos


Carving Clubs:

Caricature Carvers of America

Chip Chats--National Woodcarvers' Association Magazine

Mid America Woodcarvers

Northwest Wood Carvers Assn.

Carvers and Carving Instructors:

Carvin' in NYC. -- An excellent site; be sure to check out her "knowledge" pages!

Gene Webb -- A woodcarver/Instructor in Tennesee. Classes, roughouts for sale. (on Facebook)


Carving Magazines and Books:

Carving Magazine Online

Fox Chapel Publishing ( (A major source of wood carving books!)

Wood Carving Illustrated Magazine (

Woodezine - A great online magazine for woodworkers, turners, and carvers

Carving Tools and Supplies:

Drake Knives

Klingspor's Woodworking Shop ­ Quality sanding products, woodworking tools and supplies

Woodcarvers Warehouse (Whillock Woodcarving) ­ An online store for woodcarvers


Woodworking: - woodworking community forum - Fine Woodworking Magazine's Website

Woodworking Resources - For the Beginning Builder - Especially recommended by Daniel in Sarah Cromwell's after school program in Colorado.

Family Woodworking Projects for Your Workbench  submitted by the local Boy Scouts              

A Woodworkers Guide to Wood - An excellent guide on the types of wood.  (submitted by Lucas Miller, local Boy Scout.

Online Woodcarving Resources:

Wood-Carving Guide - Many useful links; especially recommended by Emma (An E-Mail discussion group for wood carvers in California)

Links supplied by Yvonne Bailey


Some carving groups on Facebook

Caricature Carvers  

Helvie Wood Carvers  

BWC Beginner Wood Carvers  

Lets Talk Carving       

Tutorials on Youtube.

Sharon my art..  To start off doing  Mini's like Jack Price use to do.  Good tutorial

Gene Messer     Has over 1500 Tutorials   scroll and see.     

Doug Linker        Always something different  Good tutorials. 

Dennis Stallings    has a good cowboy Windy. Plus many more.  ( we just lost Dennis about a year ago in one of our groups)   I have pattern if anyone wants to try.   

Lynn O  Doughty    Out standing tutorials.   A bit to advanced for me.  But learn a lot watching.

Roger Stegall         Just started his  Cowboy bust with a handlebar mustache waiting for new part this week to be added.   Good Face tutorial 

Helvie group has tutorials that are really good from Bart Wilson.  But have to belong to group...    Easy to join.

Some Ornament Patterns.

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