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Birthday wishes were extended to Scot and Jim, and Pat and Dot celebrated their many years of marital devotion with  us. (If we've missed celebrating you, it might be because we don't have your info.  Please share your important dates with me so I can add them to our calendar)


Amid the carrot cake tastings, the blowing out of candles and the singing we actually did do some carving today.  A good time was had by all!  If you haven't been to the annex on a Tuesday in awhile, it's time you came back!  Many thanks to those who do attend our carving sessions, both in the annex and in Paso:  such a fun, interesting, talented bunch of carvers!

Club News
June 2019
May 21st

Greetings, Carvers!

We were glad to welcome back to our Tuesday sessions  Bill & Susie Bishop, Melody Mullis and Bob Steuwer!

Charlie Roberts presented a review of the site today, including how our Central Coast Woodcarvers members may access the private section of the website (by first requesting approval to access from our webmaster, Charlie Roberts).  The website is a valuable resource for both the public and our own members and includes current and upcoming news,archives from the past and photos of our members' projects.  Our carving schedule is available to view in the Calendar section. Kudos to Charlie for developing this site!  He welcomes suggestions and news to include.  It was suggested today to include a voluntary Member Bio section which could include photos of our carvers and his/her projects.  Charlie will work on implementing that idea.  Please send your biographical information and photos to Charlie if you are interested in presenting yourself and your work.


There was discussion today about our carver's library.  Jerry and Melody will coordinate to compile a list of the books that are currently available.  Charlie will add a library section to our website and a list of books will be found there as well as in a binder that will be available at our Tuesday sessions.  Book lending requests shall be submitted to Jerry who will then bring the book to our next session.


Midstate Fair carvers are urged to sign up for demonstration sessions ASAP.  

Our annual Woodcarver's Show is coming up!  Please see the attached documents, as published in the California Carver's Guild LOG (which you should have already received as a member of the CCG) for reserving a table and for information about the show in general.  All carvers are asked to donate at least two small pieces for the raffle give-aways (see attached photo of Pat Rygh's grebes, for example).


Thank you for your interest,

Laurie Wright, 2019 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers Chapter 7 of the Ccarver's Guild


May 7th, 2019


Happy May, Carvers!

Thirty carvers filled St. Timothy's annex today, demonstrating a great variety of projects and techniques.  Some were even getting started on their Christmas ornaments, for our annual exchange in December!  As always, snacks and coffee kept everyone's energy at a happy level.


Dick Marshall took the initiative to order business cards for our group (see attached).  You are encouraged to keep a few on hand to pass along to any potentially interested carvers who cross your path.   We  gladly welcome visitors and interested carvers to our sessions.


Charlie Roberts has donated several sticks of abrasive cleaner to be used  for cleaning sandpaper and power tool teeth.  We will keep one stick in our supply box, and Charlie has offered the remaining pieces to any interested members.


You may see some of our carvers at Cambria's  Heritage  Day on Saturday, May 26, from 11-4 p.m. at the Cambria History Museum.


Although I emailed, texted and/or called all members on our roster regarding last weeks' cancelled Tuesday carving session, somehow at least one or more members did NOT get the message.  I suspect that some member's emails may have mysteriously been  rerouted to their "Junk" or "Spam" folders.   As I send out several emails a month, I recommend that you check these folders if you haven't been getting regular emails from me.  If you haven't heard from me in awhile, please email, text or call me and we will try to get you caught up.  I do know that there are several members who do not, or very irregularly, log on to see their mail and might be missing out on our club's information.  Please let me know how best to communicate with you.  May I suggest that if you receive an email from me, especially about special notices, you might reply "OK" so I am aware that you are getting the information.


Thanks for your time!

Laurie Wright, 2019 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver's Guild


April 23, 2019


We were glad to have Scot and Donna back with us today, and were happy to extend birthday wishes to Tom W, Joyce R, Frances A, Ed Z and Brandy M.

Thank you to Dick Marshall who gave an informative presentation about Power Tools and Safety.  

Important safety points:

  • Wear leather gloves, not knit or fabric when using power tools

  • Wear a filter mask (the long term adverse effects of wood particles can be serious)

  • Use a quality filtration system to collect particles 

  • Keep your power tool(s) at a distance from your apron/clothing

Catalogues and handouts were distributed.  Various carving tips were explained and demonstrated.  The best/worst choices of wood for power carving were discussed and demonstrated. Dick informed all that the most versatile tip he uses is the carbide stump cutter.  Maya Hardwoods, in SLO, on Beebee Street, off of Bridge Street,  was recommended as a local resource for wood.   Dick is available for further information about using power tools and the best resources for supplies.

Scot reviewed our planned participation for the MidState Fair:  we have been invited  to carve and to display some of our projects on July 20th  and July 26th.  2-3 carvers are requested for 4 hour shifts (12-4 p.m. and 4-8 p.m.) on both dates.  We have been given three 6-8' tables located by (hopefully) cool blowing fans.    Sign-up sheets are available on Tuesdays at the annex carving session, or you may email me ( to book a time slot.  The Fair committee would like the roster ASAP, and will provide a free admission ticket to those who on the list.  


Fort Hope:  (  5 of our carvers are carving there this coming Saturday, April 27.  Carvers, please plan to arrive by 11:00.  The gates are open to the public 1-5 p.m.   Fort Hope is located 60 miles from Cambria and  35 miles from Los Osos in rural Huasna, southeast of Arroyo Grande. It is a beautiful drive along meandering country roads. Please refer to the attached map.  This is a fundraising event: the $75 donation  per adult is tax deductible.


Please consider any carved items you would be willing to display in our local libraries as we get near to our annual  September SHOW.  

Our Tuesday carving sessions at St. Timothy's continue on a regular basis.  There are no carving classes in the annex posted for May and no carving at the Paso Robles Pioneer Museum in May.  

There are many activities throughout our bustling county this upcoming weekend in addition to the Fort Hope fundraiser.  There will be yacht club races and the Kite Festival to see in Morro Bay.  I have included a poster regarding "Greening Los Osos" for any who might be interested.  There is always carving to keep us busy and satisfied (as evidenced by the terrific pieces displayed in the annex today.  See attached)


March 9, 2019

We talked more about the Fort Hope fundraising event in Arroyo Grande on  Saturday, April 27.  Further information will be coming from Dave Johnson, including a map to the countryside camp.  We have a group of carvers who are already planning on attending, setting up a wood carving area for attendees to visit during the event.  Any of our carvers are welcome to come and carve (the more, the better!).  It is suggested that we come in  period/cowboy type clothing to fit in with the rustic camp environment.  The event is planned for 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., only on Saturday the 27th.  Dave Johnson will get there as early as 8 a.m. to set up in the blacksmith shop, all others are asked to be there and  ready to carve by 11.  We will most likely need to bring our own tables and chairs.  Please cover non-wood tables to look rustic (burlap, gingham fabric, for example) Dave may still be able to offer interested carvers a tour of the camp prior to April 27.

Thank you to those who have handed in their Central Coast Carvers  Member info sheets (see attached) to me and to those who sent in their membership forms to the California Carver's Guild today (see form attached).   If you'd like assistance with either of these forms or with  the dues connected to them please contact myself, or our  CCW Treasurer, Tom Nickelson.

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