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Fall 2021

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December 9th - Online Meet Session

Twelve participants joined the meeting this evening. 

  • Scott Lang gave an update on the Central Coast Carvers’ meeting and Christmas luncheon celebration.  We had around 30 in attendance at our holiday luncheon.  The results of the annual election are as follows: Scott Lang and Tom Nicholson remain as President and Vice-President/Treasurer. Many, many thanks go to Laurie Wright for her tireless work on our behalf as Secretary.  Jeanie Roberts will take over the assignment.  Scott also reported on other items discussed at Tuesday’s meeting: our annual show status is tabled until February; we also need a new show chairman.

  • Status of our online meetings: we reviewed the options available.  Gary Hensley, William Plasch, and Marsha Goss all said they enjoy the meetings, and Laurie noted that attendees all contribute.  The final decision was that online meetings will take place every second and fourth Wednesday at 5 PM.  Changing the day may make the meeting more convenient for members.  This online day change begins in January.  Because of the holidays, the second December meeting will not be held.  The entire group expressed support for continuing the online meetings.

  • Charlie asked if some of us would like to do brief presentations for some online meetings.  This could be every other month (six per year).  Melody Mullis suggested something like how to shade while wood burning, a ten minute presentation.  These would be recorded video presentations.  Laurie suggested a small tour from Breck Smith showing his lazer carving equipment would be another good presentation.  The consensus was that we will solicit content possibly beginning the fourth Wednesday in January.

  • Gary Hensley reported on the elections for the California Carvers’ Guild, two new board members having joined.  The Oakhurst Rendezvous will be held April 3-9.

  • Larry Wade updated the group concerning the Oregon Carving Guild, outlining the January/February presenters, the March Indian Carving program, and a future gouge chip carving session.

  • Laurie reported how well the silent auction went at the Christmas luncheon, Breck Smith’s son being delighted with the large carved dragon head his dad successfully obtained.

  • A brief discussion was held concerning the role of the national carving association, which  Larry believes should be to assist local groups and to help them to grow.

  • William brought up the question of public carving for discussion, though insurance would always be an issue  Marsha added that the purpose of our annual show is to inspire the public and to encourage them to come to our carving meetings.

  • Gerry Davis asked for solutions for avoiding slashed fingers when power carving. Scott alluded to the tongue depressors he uses to hold his carved walnut critters.

  • William is making soldier blanks and showed us an example.

  • Scott said how great Melody’s power carved train ornament was that Dot Rygh won last Tuesday.

  • Gary Hensley shared photographs of his mobile work station, a project now completed after several years.  Good job Gary!


This is my first submission. I hope I did this correctly.

Jeanie Roberts, New Secretary

Central Coast Wood Carvers Club, Chapter #7

December 7th - St. Timothys

CCW Carvers Business Meeting and Christmas Party

Wishing all of our CCW carvers much Happy and Merry!

Twenty-five carvers and family members gathered yesterday for our annual December General Meeting, election of officers, carved ornament exchange and luncheon. We were so very happy to see some long-missed members as well as guests. (photos)

 This year a silent auction was also included for the 2 pieces generously carved by Meryl Thomsen and donated by his daughter Lisa Haslett of New Cuyama.  Breck Smith and Walt Ross were happy to claim the impressively carved pieces.  (photo) A thank you has been sent to Lisa.


Pat Rygh donned his Head Elf hat and orchestrated the carved ornament exchange. (photos) Many beautiful and creative pieces were thoughtfully carved for this event.  Thanks to all who participated in this event which began in 1988, with a cardinal-in-a cage carved by Scot Lang as the first ornament.


The Central Coast Woodcarvers unanimously elected officers for 2022 are: President Scot Lang, Vice-President/Treasurer Tom Nickelson, and Secretary Jeanie Roberts.


Thanks were expressed to Brandy McKay and her team for the beautifully decorated tables and dessert counter for this gathering.  Thanks were given to outgoing CCW secretary, Laurie Wright.


Discussion was held regarding carving at the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum.  Historically, Matt Pomerico chaired this monthly event one Saturday a month, with others facilitating the sessions since Matt’s passing.  At best, attendance has been in the low numbers.  The motion was made to discontinue these regularly scheduled sessions, with the motion seconded and unanimously agreed on by the meetings’ attendees.  Melody Mullis is agreeable to our group holding carving sessions at pre-arranged times at the museum in the future.  Jerry Graybill is willing to host a carving table at the museum during the annual Pioneer Days celebration.


If the Mid-State Fair committee again asks the CCW to man a booth, there are several carvers willing to participate.

Dick Marshall is stepping down as Chairman of the Woodcarver’s Show. The Vet’s Hall in Cambria is reserved, and deposit paid, for the CCW for the third week of September 2022.  Notices to publications should be sent in February, insurance secured in July, and a notice in the LOG by June.  The decision whether to hold the Show in 2022 was tabled until the second week of February 2022.  Show Chairman to be determined.


Suggested in-person CCW classes for 2022 was tabled for discussion until February 2022.  Unanimously approved.


Discussion was held on whether the CCW should purchase a Go-Pro, or the like, for documenting presentations, interviews of carvers and demonstrations.  Uploading the videos to U-tube or only on our CCW website was discussed.  Motion to table decision until February 2022 seconded and approved. 


Google MEET sessions have been held the second and fourth Thursdays of the month.  This venue allows our distant members to stay involved, and is a chance for CCG President, Gary Hensley, to keep us apprised of CCG related details.  A discussion will be held with attendees of the Thursday, December 9,   session as to the future schedule of these meetings.


This will be our last on-line session for 2021. Thanks given to Charlie Roberts for setting up and scheduling these sessions.


Carol Dwyer recommended that the CCW place an ad in local free publications regarding our meetings.


Get well wishes are sent to Susie Bishop, recovering from a bout of pneumonia, which prevented the Bishops from attending our get together this week.


Happy birthday wishes are extended to Ginny Lawliss and to Susan Bishop.


Father Ed will officially retire from St Timothy’s as of December 14.  Father Gabriel will be assuming the role as Priest of St Timothy’s.  Jeanine Roberts will send out a Congratulations/Thank you card to Father Ed, and a Welcome note to Father Gabriel.  The CCW greatly appreciates their support of our using the church’s facilities.


Your $10 per person dues for the CCW are now due and payable for 2022.  Payments in person may be made at our Tuesday sessions OR mailed to the Central Coast Woodcarvers, P.O. Box 743, Morro Bay, CA 93443. If you, unfortunately, have opted NOT to renew your CCW membership please notify Treasurer Tom Nickelson at AND Secretary Jeanie Roberts  at  All changes in contact information should be sent to Jeanie Roberts at   (You will soon be receiving your CCW newsletters from Jeanie)


Without the support of the California Carver’s Guild, our chapter would not exist.  You are encouraged to also become a member of the CCG via its website:  As a member you will receive the informative and educational bi-monthly newsletter.


Other carving chapters/organizations to consider joining:

Oregon Carvers Guild:

Channel Islands Carvers on Facebook and

You are encouraged to send in photos of holiday ornaments you’ve carved for friends and family, for our next newsletter. 

We are anticipating much needed rain this next week.  Stay safe, lap it up and keep cozy,

Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver’s Guild

November 30th - St Timothys

November 30, 2021, CCW news

Dear Carvers,

Laurie is under the weather today and could not join us. We wish her a speedy recovery, and she was truly missed at our session this morning.  A group of 15 carvers met this morning, and everyone was busily working on various projects. Quite a few birds of different varieties were taking shape, and several Christmas tree decorations were coming out of the woodwork. Please see the accompanying pictures.

Our annual Christmas luncheon is scheduled for next Tuesday, December 7th.  After a brief carving session, lunch will take place at 12 noon.  Please bring your own main course, and dessert will be provided by the club.  If the weather is conducive to outdoor dining, we’ll feast outside; if not, tables will be set up indoors, and we will adhere to Covid protocols as anticipated.

Following our meal, our resident Santa Claus, Pat Rygh, will conduct the annual members’ ornament exchange. Those who are ready to participate,  please remember to bring your ornaments and join in the tradition.

Jeanie Roberts, 2022 Secretary Elect

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver’s Guild



November 22nd - St. Timothys

Upcoming CCW Holiday celebration:

Mark your calendars for December 7th for our get together!  We recognize that participating is a choice made even more challenging by the current times.  Those who opt to attend are welcome and those who opt out will be respectfully missed.   Our intent is to celebrate and meet in a safe-minded manner and not put our valued members or their loved ones at risk.  Tables will be available for carving at 9 a.m. followed by our General Meeting with election of officers and ornament exchange at 10:00.  Lunch will follow.  Due to COVID consideration the following conditions to our gathering were decided on by today’s attendees: 

  • Depending on the weather, tables MAY be available outdoors.

  • All attendees shall wear masks indoors except while drinking or eating. 

  • In lieu of a potluck, which is discouraged by health regulations, attendees shall bring their own personal lunch rather than proceeding through a buffet or being served from a selection of foods.  If one chooses to bring food to share, the items MUST be provided in individual servings and individually wrapped.

  •  Paper plates, plastic cups and wrapped utensil will be provided, though you may bring your own if you so choose.

  • The club will provide cupcakes for dessert.

  • Family members may accompany CCW members to the event, also adhering to the COVID precautions in place. 


If you or your family members are exhibiting any symptoms which may be COVID-related we ask that you forego attending.

Thank you to those who have volunteered to set up and/or decorate tables and to provide the Christmas tree on which to hang carved ornaments for exchange, to those who have carved ornaments, to the one participating as CCW’s  ELF,   to those taking care of purchasing and supplying paper goods, cupcakes and beverages and to all who continue to keep our bonds of friendship and carving intact.


In addition to the above, there will be a drawing for the 2 pieces donated to the club by Lisa Haslett of New Cuyama, carved by her father Merle Thomsen.  (A miniature carousel horse and Chinese style dragon head.  See photos)  Lisa has also asked me to share that she has a 40’ container filled with antique/historic/uniquely-carved carousel figures that she is interested in selling.  You may contact her at for further information.


Wishing all a happy, healthy, tasty and positively memorable Thanksgiving,

Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver’s Guild

November 15th - St. Timothys

Sixteen carvers met at this week’s in-person session, including a drop-in by a long missed CCW member, Dave Osman, who has moved on from carving to building bird houses. 


Bob Schnieders, who was the gyrfalcon feather-count winner, shared his prize winning bubbly and pumpkin bars, provided by the Rygh’s, with all in attendance. Bob guessed 646 feathers, only 2 over the actual count of 644 per Pat  Rygh, carver.


It was reported that 4 carvers met at last Saturday’s Paso Robles session, including a CCW carver who hasn’t participated in a long while: Alicia Salmeron.


The group card for Irene Marquart’s 100th birthday (November 24) was signed and will be mailed in time for her memorable day. There is still time for individuals to mail her a card c/o The Oaks 526 River Road, Paso Robles 93446.


Tom Bundy picked up and delivered several boxes of wood donated by Pat Silveira from Santa Margarita.  Her husband, Melvyn, had an interest in carving and left a collection of wood behind upon his passing.  The pieces were gladly received by many of our CCW carvers.  A thank you note has been sent on behalf of the CCW.


Happy Birthday (soon) to Dick Marshall!           


Reminder: there will be NO Google MEET session on Thursday, November25th.


December 7th CCW holiday carved ornament exchange, election of 2022 officers, and potluck beginning at 10 a.m. in the St Timothy’s annex.  (Carving as usual at 9:00)  Family members are welcome.  COVID precautions of mask wearing when indoors and not eating/drinking, maintaining as much social distance as possible, staying home if feeling any suspect symptoms will be required. 


A correction to last week’s newsletter, from Yvonne Bailey: “My Proxxon is a power cutter.  I have a Pegas that is like a scroll saw/ band saw. ( can be see in all the carving magazines. ) the Proxxon will take some of the Flexcut blades.  ( I dont think the Fordom will share blands)”


Due to next week’s holiday flurry our attendance may be down at Tuesday’s session.  Feel free to email me with photos or news for the next newsletter.



Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver’s Guild


November 11th - Veterans Day - Online

Nine attendees, with Gerry Davis, a long ago CCW member also joining in.


The theme for this meeting was Veteran’s Day.   Scot Lang had something relative to share: he’s working on a flying eagle carrying a banner that reads “a grateful nation thanks you.”  Yvonne Bailey had carved a character with gun, boots and helmet carved but her dog snagged it as a new chew toy.

There WILL be carving this Saturday at the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum 1-4 p.m., spoon carving continues.


There will NOT be Google Meet sessions on Thanksgiving Day nor on the 23rd of December.


December 7th is our annual potluck, ornament exchange and election of 2022 CCW officers:


Dot & Pat Rygh are heading up the ornament exchange.  If attending the December 7 session, bring your carved ornament to hang on the tree for exchange.  Each ornament will be given a number and the numbers shall be randomly drawn and distributed.  If you AREN’T able to attend and have an ornament to exchange, contact the Ryghs to arrange transfer of your ornament which will be included in the exchange.  You will receive one in return.


Election of 2022 Officers:  Scot Lang and Tom Nickelson are on the slate for President and Vice-President/Treasurer. It is time for your current Secretary to pass the torch: Jeanie Roberts has graciously agreed to accept the role.


Gary Hensley encourages all CCG members to complete and submit their ballots for CCG officers which was posted in the LOG.  4 of Gary’s fellow Channel Island Carvers members have agreed to take on Director’s roles.  Additional candidates are being searched for throughout the state. Gary has put his name on the ballot once again for the role which is “hard, a lot of work, but fun.”


 Larry Wade has been instructing on Thursdays for the past 7 weeks.  He showed us the trifold flier which will be used for recruitment to the craft of woodcarving(attached).  Larry plans to have the fliers available at local (Oregon) Woodcraft, Woodcrafters stores and via the Oregon Carvers Guild.    Larry is hoping to support beginner carvers through a “Beginning Carving in 10 Lessons” course, to be held the 3rd Saturday of every month, focusing on incise carving, with all materials and tools available for free to participants.  Additional class offerings can be found at


Gerry Davis reminded us that he’d presented a class on Rose Engine carving 6 or more years ago to the CCW group.  He showed us several carvings he’d done including a round box and an oval box with a long, thin filial, as well as an acrylic ornament turned on his rose engine lathe.  Gerry noted that rose engine lathes were developed in the 1500’s, with only the elite having access to them.  Recently, an antique rose engine lathe was purchased for $130,000.  Gerry showed us a reindeer he’d carved using forsner bits and a scroll saw.  He purchased a new Fordham on ebay which has attachments ala a Proxxon.


Yvonne Bailey enjoys using her Proxxon power tool, a combination of a scroll saw and a reciprocating saw.  Scot Lang uses flex curt blades for his. 


Larry Wade received a call from a woman in Santa Margarita, CA, with wood to donate following the passing of her woodcarving spouse.  Laurie Wright will follow up.


Helpful hint from Scot Lang: leave a long handle on a piece for better handling and the ability to clamp the piece if needed during carving.


Oakhurst is on the calendar for 2022: April 3-9.


The next (and last of 2021) Google MEET session will be held at 5 p.m. on December 9th.



Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver’s Guild

November 9th - St. Timothys

This week in our carving news:

Did you happen to see the notice about Vickie Hopson winning the “Best of the Expert” award at the annual Tri-Valley Carver’s Show, for her carved walking staff, in this quarter’s LOG from the CCG?  Congratulations on your beautiful piece and your award, Vickie!

Please note the change to Helen and Ray Johnson’s phone numbers in our roster. 


We will meet at 5 p.m. this coming Thursday, Veteran’s Day, for our bi-monthly on-line Google MEET session. 


Dave Dignam will facilitate this coming Saturday’s carving session at the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum, from 1-4 p.m.  You may bring your own project( something veteran’s related, preferably) or you may join in on the spoon carving project.  Carving takes place in the meeting room at the back of the museum.  Masks are required.

Fifteen carvers met at St Timothy’s today, quietly working on individual projects, some working on ornaments to exchange at our December 7th holiday gathering.


If you haven’t joined in either on-line or in person to our group for awhile please send in an update.  You’ve been missed!


We give thanks for the dedicated service given to our country by our VETERANS each and every day, and notably on this upcoming Veteran’s day.



Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver’s Guild

November 2nd - St. Timothy's

Dear carvers,

We’ve had both a Google MEET session and an in-person carving session since our last newsletter.  11 carvers joined the Thursday MEET session, 15 at our in-person session today.


Happy Birthday greetings to Bill Bishop who just celebrated his birthday!


Upcoming dates:

  • Carving at the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum, Saturday November 13 1-4pm WILL take place.  At our December meeting we will discuss whether to continue these sessions.

  • Google MEET session Thursday November 11 at 5 p.m..  Scot Lang suggested carving something pertinent to that day to share during the session. A walking tour of local Paso Robles galleries showing some of our CCW carvers’ works was suggested. (All carvers who shared their pumpkin themed projects during the previous in-person session and during the online session were declared “WINNERS” by our President, Scot Lang.  Scot shared that the trick to carving a crooked hat atop a head is to slant the top of the hat first and carve from there, ala his pumpkin scarecrow)

  • Irene Marquart’s 100th birthday, November 24th!     

  • No Google MEET session on Thursday, November 25

NEWS:  Gary Hensley, CCG President, is looking to add Directors to the CCG roster. The 3 who’ve recently volunteered from the Channel Islands Carvers bring the # of Directors to 7, with room for more.  The current CCG Membership position is now open and the CCG is  looking for a volunteer to take over the role, which has been managed by the wife of a CCG member for the past 10 years.  Please contact Gary with your questions about the roles questions and to volunteer for any of the available positions.

Scot Lang has spoken with several of our CCW carvers who have expressed interest in giving one or more 20 minute presentations about their areas of carving expertise.  Scot would interview the carvers about their craft and present the recorded session to our group.


Tom Nickelson has been carving Christmas ornaments.  He is also working on a project-in-the-round, ala Tom Bundy: carving a 16” tall x 12” around ornamental juniper stump.  Removing the bark alone took 3 hours.  The piece might take the shape of an otter.  Tom carved an elephant seal and 3 bears out of an oak burl, English walnut and California buckeye.  Tom has carvings at the Park Street Gallery in Paso Robles, between 13th and 14th streets.


Jan Whiteley, our newest CCW member, lives near Lake Nacimiento and focuses on relief carving.


Al Plasch sat in front of a lovely Fall themed quilt during our on-line session, sewn by his talented art-degree awarded wife.


Tom Bundy’s  4’ tall gnome (photos), carved from  redwood, is a commissioned piece, along with the mushroom made of sapwood and hardwood (photo).  The gnome has taken over 100 hours to carve, and the mushroom has taken about 10 hours.   Tom has several carved seahorses in progress, as well as one on display/for sale at the gallery on 10th street in Paso Robles.


Our carvers displayed a variety of completed and in-progress pieces at today’s in-person session (photos)

From Larry Wade:

  • For the newsletter, click here.

  • If you find any errors please let me know so I can correct them quickly.

  • If you want to be removed from this master carving email list just let me know.

  • The next monthly program is Tuesday Nov 9th at 7:00 PM on Zoom. Eric Owens from Boise is the speaker, sharing his Carving Tips & Techniques learned from his years of teaching and carving. Please register, click here.

  • Registering for programs helps us communicate changes, send the Zoom link, and provide any post-meeting handouts.

  • We would like to invite you to share your carving work at monthly meetings.  Please consider it, and email me one or more photos to include.  Don't be shy.  Include finished projects as well as those in process.  Your work inspires others.

  • If you are a member of the Oregon Carvers Guild or the Guild of Oregon Woodworkers, thank you."

We reminisced about the friends we sadly lost this week: Dave Patterson and Warren Bebout.  Tami Casals, Warren’s daughter, sent this, which has been sent to the CCG editor to place in the Log’s Broken Blade section:

“A glimpse into the life of Warren Bebout: It is with great regret and sadness to share that my beloved father, Warren Bebout, passed in his sleep on Oct 24, 2021. He lived a full life and almost made it to his 90th birthday. He is survived by one brother and one sister, his four daughters, three son-in-law’s, 11 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

Warren started carving in 1973. He only had a pocket knife and an X-acto knife and was self-taught. He attended a craft fair and met a man who saw his work and invited him to join a woodcarver’s club that met every week in Morro Bay. He enjoyed the group so much he joined and became a member of the California Carvers Guild.

Over the next 47 years, he carved hundreds of items. He loves western themed projects and carved caricature cowboy and cowgirls, horses, cows and eventually started carving a western boot. He mastered the boot and started carving them from different types of wood. He loved to see the different types of grain that each wood revealed. He carved 83 boots and displayed them in a case that he built. He called the collection “Woods of the World”. He had hoped to hit 100, but fell short of that goal. His boots were from domestic and foreign wood. He also made toothpick holders out of his western boots.

My most precious items are the Christmas ornaments that he carved and gave to each of his four daughters. I hang them on my Christmas tree every year and think of the work that went into each one. He carved Santas, Mr. & Mrs. Claus, and a Santa on the rooftop standing near the chimney and several other Christmas items. He truly was a gifted artist but never thought his items were that good. He saw every flaw and mistake he made. But to the onlooker – they were amazing works of art.

I love that he had a passion for being creative and he used those skills daily. I never recall my dad sitting around watching TV. He was always doing something, either building an item, carving, yard work or writing. He was an amazing man and father to his four daughters.

He was also a man who loved and served God most of his life. He worked in his church and for over 45 years, worked with the boy’s program called Royal Rangers. He devoted his time and talent to these young boys and taught them how to be men of God, good stewards, trust worthy, caring, giving of their time and how to have fun. Not only did they study the word of God but they camped, learned how to build a camp fire, hiked, built obstacle courses and he even taught them how to carve. Not having any sons of his own – he loved this time where he could be a positive impact to young boys and help cultivate a good relationship with them.  My father was a wonderful man, husband, father and friend. He will be greatly missed by those that new him. “


A Celebration of Life for Warren Bebout will be held Saturday, November 20, 2021 at 11 a.m. at the Templeton Community Center, 601 Main Street, Templeton


We cherish the friends we have, the ones who have left us with memories and the gifts of their presence, and those who continue to celebrate growing older with us. 



Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Guild


October 26th - St. Timothys.

Hello carvers,


Fall projects, and more, are being worked on by our CCW carvers.


If you happen to be visiting Oregon, Larry Wade sent the following:

Lincoln City - Journeys with Wood - now until November 7th

Monica Setziol-Phillips is exhibiting her work alongside seven of her former students at the Chessman Gallery, Lincoln City Cultural Center, open 10 - 4, Thurs -Monday, 540 NE Hwy 101, see  This is an exhibit of works from the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology.  Click here for a virtual tour.

Portland - Annual Sitka Art Invitational Exhibit + Sale, only Nov 6 - 7

At the World Forestry Center (Miller Hall).  See the works of 130 nature-inspired Northwest artists, including Monica Setziol-Phillips, featuring a wide variety of art, including wood.  For more information, click here.

Google MEET session is scheduled for Thursday, October 28, 5 p.m..  Show your pumpkin themed projects!


Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary


October 19th - at St. Timothys

Central Coast Woodcarvers were carving inside and out today at St Timothy’s Church in Morro Bay.  Father Ed stopped by to express his appreciation for our group and to announce the upcoming arrival of Father Gabriel , the priest who will be relieving Father Ed at the church.

Several carvers have completed their pumpkin themed carvings , to be shared at our next Google MEET session on Thursday, October 28. (photos), and some are working on Christmas ornaments, possibly for the carved ornament exchange scheduled on December 7 at our annual get-together. (photo)


Scot Lang has progressed to woodburning a Yosemite scene on his hand made box (photos)


Dot Rygh has several woodburned pieces in progress, with the duck piece almost complete. (photo)


Tom Bundy has one of his sea horse carvings showing at the Deprise Brescia Art Gallery in Paso Robles (photo of the store’s card)


The sunsets have been quite spectacular lately.



Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver’s Guild

October 14th - Online Session

Our club secretary took a much needed vacation and no one took up the slack in terms of writing an article or taking pictures for in person meeting at St. Timothy's Annex.  We should be back on schedule next week.  Our secretary did attend the online session and here is her report:

Happy autumn, carvers!

Eight CCW carvers joined in on yesterday evening’s bi-weekly Google Meet session.  It is planned that we will continue these sessions through 2021 and re-evaluate the schedule at our December 7th general meeting.  It was suggested by Charlie Roberts to send out an agenda for the sessions, which might encourage more members to join in.  Presenting classes/tutorials by the many various and talented carvers among our group was also suggested: the sessions could evolve into workshops.  Scot Lang will look into lining up some of our carvers to present topics and techniques. 

Scot Lang has set a challenge for the CCW carvers:  Within the next 2 weeks, carve a piece related to pumpkins (wooden pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin pie, scarecrows, real pumpkins, etc), from simple to complex, and attend the next Google MEET session, on October 28, to show your piece. 


Melody Mullis has a pumpkin scarecrow already carved, and may carve another, for the challenge mentioned above.  She has diligently been working on and straightening out the CCW library.


Yvonne Bailey showed us a number of recently carved pieces: a turtle, boy scout leader, a prisoner in handcuffs, several female figures, a jockey, a donkey and a study stick of faces.  Yvonne attended the recent pyrography program offered through the Oregon Carvers Guild and learned much, including using erasers (as those on ink pens, or gum erasers) in woodburning.  She has found that a quilting ruler is helpful in her projects.  Scot Lang mentioned that flexible rulers, found in quilt stores, are also helpful.  Yvonne recently suffered a leg injury: we wish her a quick recovery!


Breck Smith was quietly carving an owl during the session.


Gary Hensley, CCG President and CCW member, is looking to add Directors to the CCG roster.  Down from 12 or more, the CCG currently has 4 Directors.  Gary is hoping to add at least 4 more.  Directors oversee a number of chapters and meet twice a year.  In the past, one  Direcotrs’ meeting was held over the phone, and one was held in person (in Fresno). Scot Lang, who might be interested in one of the Directors positions, suggested that meetings be held on-line vs in person.


Gary Hensley joined us from on the road as he and his wife were traveling to San Diego to participate in a museum’s dedication to two of their family members.  Gary reports that the Channel Island Carvers started a jack-o-lantern carving project at their last meeting.


Taking a break from carving beautiful frames, Charlie Roberts is back to working on carving boxes.  He is including inlay techniques using products from Inlace.  Charlie carved and woodburned the wooden 8x10” frame and Jeanie Roberts woodburned the scene in the attached photo.  The piece will be a gift for Charlie’s brother, who does oil paintings.  Jeanie decided to woodburn a scene rather than paint his gift.  Nice work, both of you!


Dot Rygh has asked that the following be shared:  Irene Marquart is now living at The Oaks, in Paso Robles.  Her address is 526 River Road, Paso Robles 93446. She may be reached at 805-239-5851.  On November 24th, Irene will celebrate her 100th birthday.  I will send her a card from our group but individual cards would certainly be much appreciated as she celebrates this milestone.   Irene was recently crowned the Pioneer Day Parade Queen (see attached article)

By: Taylor Hillo

Posted at 6:37 PM, Oct 08, 2021

and last updated 9:15 AM, Oct 09, 2021


At 99-years-old, Irene Marquart will be ruling over the people of Paso Robles on Saturday as Queen of the Pioneer Day Parade.


Irene has been involved in almost everything in the community from square dancing to farming with her husband. She’s a very big advocate for the town of Paso Robles.


She was chosen last year to be queen but didn’t get the chance to fulfill her duties because the parade was canceled.

This year, she’s excited to get back to the tradition.


The selection is based on family lineage and connection to the town. Seeing as Irene has lived in between Paso Robles and Templeton since 1929, she is very qualified for the job. In fact, she hasn’t missed a single Pioneer Day since its inception in 1931.


After 91 years of attending the festivities, she's still surprised to now be a part of the royal court.

"I think it’s a great honor," she said. "I really am honored by the selection. I never expected to be Queen of Pioneer Day, but here I am."


Irene tells us she has lots of family coming into town to watch her ride in the parade and just like a real queen, she plans to

have them wait on her hand and foot.  Pioneer Day before is a community celebration set aside to say thank you to all of the people who support the community.

Larry Wade sent information regarding the Oregon Carvers Guild programs.  Please consider joining that guild in addition to the CCW and CCG.  Thank you Larry, for all that you have shared with us here in California via the CCW.          "Thank you for attending or registering for this month's program on Pyrography.  The links to the recorded program and the referenced handout can be found by clicking here, as well as to all past programs. The pyrography program starts at 16:10 into the video and before that are Show and Tell and a few announcements.

If you are a member of the Oregon Carvers Guild or Guild of Oregon Woodworkers, thank you.  If not, please consider joining or donating so we can continue to provide quality monthly programs (click here).

Our November 9th monthly program is on Carving Tips & Techniques with Eric Owens of Boise, click here.  December is too busy for a meeting, but our January 11th program features Chuck Rinehart showing photos and discussing his recent trip to the UK to view the famous Grinling Gibbons Carvings, perhaps the best carver in history, click here.


P.S.  If you have any feedback on the pyrography program, positive or negative, please let me know and I'll pass it along."  Larry Wade

September 28th - St. Timothy's Annex

The latest from the CCW online session last Thursday:                                                               

Five carvers attended last Thursday’s Google MEET session:


Gary Hensley spoke of attending the Tri-Valley Carver’s show in Pleasanton, where he was awarded a ribbon for one of his pieces.  Gary made his way to the show via Oakhurst and stopped in at San Simeon on the return trip. 


Gary Eaves (CCG LOG Editor) presented a slide show of the Tri-Valley carver’s show.


Yvonne Bailey showed her carved outlaw-biker  figure.  She is working on a large motocross motorcycle carving.


From the Tuesday’s In-person session at St Timothy’s:

Sixteen were in attendance indoors, with masks in place.


We will be able to place a table outdoors for those who prefer to carve in the sunshine (masks optional).   Please remember to clean up your area and return chairs and tables, whether inside or out, when you are finished for the day.


Dot Rygh brought a collection of live Monarch caterpillars to share with those who have milkweed available for these future butterflies.


November 25th is Thanksgiving.  There WILL be Tuesday carving that week , but no Google MEET session on that Thursday.


On December 7th, we will hold our annual potluck, carved ornament exchange, election of officers, and class calendar planning for 2022.  Due to the anticipated COVID related restrictions, we may consider a menu consisting of, for example, 5 main dish options, 5 salad options, 5 side options, a variety of breads, and 5 desserts.  Meals will be dished up by designated servers who will be masked and gloved while placing your choice of foods on your plate.  Masks may be removed while eating and drinking within the annex.  Family members are welcome to attend.


The Cayucos Vet’s Hall fundraiser is underway, to raise dollars for the building construction.  The CCW is considering

making a donation to the fundraiser and/or holding an art auction for that benefit.

There will be no newsletter sent during the next two weeks.  Stay tuned for a collection of gathered news mid-October.


Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver’s Guild

September 21st - St. Timothy's Annex

Happy autumn, Carvers!

It was fairly quiet in the annex yesterday, with 10 in attendance.  We are tasked to comply with state, county and church rules regarding mandatory mask wearing indoors and maintaining social distance during our sessions.


The bi-monthly CCW Google MEET session will be held tomorrow, Thursday September 23, at 5 p.m.  Please refer to the log-in you were emailed for
previous sessions.



Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver's Guild

September 14th - St. Timothy's Annex


Hello Carvers!


Twenty CCW carvers, appropriately masked, were welcomed back to the annex today, with Father Ed noting " I want St. Timothy's to always be associated with the arts." 


The swap meet was well received, with a number of carvers taking home some new treasures to work on, work with,  refer to, enjoy and/or admire.    Thanks to Zac Ervin who gifted many small carved stone hearts and offered a number of  larger  carved pieces  and pieces of alabaster for trade.  Wood blanks, electrical equipment, reference material and partially carved pieces were available for the taking, offered by a variety of CCW members.


Carvers were happily carving flutes, spoons, caricatures, animal figures, whimsical characters, bark ornaments and more. 

Last Thursday's Google MEET session was mainly attended by our out-of-town CCW members.  We will continue with the bi-monthly sessions through October, and will re-evaluate our scheduling then.

Dave Dignam announced that Fort Hope, in Huasna, east of Arroyo Grande, will again be holding a day-long fund-raiser on Saturday, October 9th.  $75 per person, for a very  good cause. Several of our CCW carvers will be donating carved items for the auction and/or attending the event to demonstrate carving and/or blacksmithing.  This is a family event, with entertaining, educational, interactive and interesting activities for all.


Reminder: NO carving at the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum next month, as Pioneer History Days events will be taking place.  Scot Lang will facilitate the next session on Saturday, November 13, from 1 to 4 p.m. (note the cooler weather hours)


Reminder:  the Oregon Carvers Guild is offering a class on carving Christmas ornaments this evening.  Register at


Keep your eyes out: You may recognize some familiar out-of-town carvers around our local areas this weekend: they kept their  camping/hotel reservations for our now cancelled Woodcarver's Show.  We welcome them to the Central Coast!


Happy carving, all!

Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver's Guild

September 7th - Cayucos Vets Hall


Hello Carvers,

No newsletter last week as there was not much to share.  I've included a few photos from last week in today's post.

Many thanks to Joyce Ross who provided us with tasty muffins and brownies over the past several weeks, to the Cadys for their cookies and home grown tomatoes,  and to Tom Bundy for the assortment of vegetables shared with carvers today.

We were happy to have Bill and Susie Bishop stop in today as they celebrate their anniversary here on the Central Coast. 

Happy anniversary to the Bishops and to the Dignams this week!

Melody Mullis mentioned that our CCW library is in possession of several VHS tapes: of  Stu Martin carving a Native American figure, Stu Martin carving a Mountain Man, and possibly another of Stu Martin chip carving.  There is also a VHS tape of David W Bennett, a maritime marine sculptor,  Carving In Different Light (relief carving).  Does anyone with a VCR wish to view these?  Charlie Roberts and I will be working on transferring these videos to DVD format.


Our bi-monthly Google MEET session is scheduled for this coming Thursday, September 9 at 5 p.m.  (Refer to your last newsletter for the login information)  Scot may be unavailable as will I, so attendees are encouraged to send me any pertinent information that arises in the session, to share.


Next Tuesday, September 14, all CCW folks are welcome to bring items for our Carver's Swap Meet, to be held on the Cayucos Vet's Hall patio  beginning at 10 a.m.   Wood, tools, equipment, books, manuals, blanks...bring any and all to swap with your like-minded pals.  We hope that Roger Owens can stop by with a truckbed full of Ernie Ball wood scraps.


Keep your knives sharp and keep carving!


Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver's Guild

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