Club News

Summer 2021

June 15th Meeting at the Cayucos Vet's Hall

Hello Carvers!

Eighteen of us met today at the Cayucos Vet’s Hall.  Several long-missed folks returned to our group.  Thanks to those who provided refreshment and, again, to Breck Smith for making the space available.


Happy birthday greetings this week to Scot Lang and to Jim Cady!


You are invited to join in on Thursday’s Google MEET session beginning at 5 p.m.  6/17.  Look for Charlie Roberts’ email with the log in information.


Cindy Pomerico invites all to her garage sale being held on Friday 6/18, Saturday 6/19 & Sunday 6/20 at 27 Terrace Hill Drive, Paso Robles.


Just 3 carvers met at the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum last Saturday.  The sessions, held on the second Saturday of the month (but not in September or October), will continue through 2021.


The Mid-State Fair coordinators contacted Scot Lang about a CCW booth at the fair this summer.  Unfortunately, they wanted an immediate commitment from carvers, and as Scot was unable to find volunteers to staff the booth on such short notice, the decision was made to pass on participating this year.


Thank you to those who have already volunteered for assignments at our Woodcarver’s Show scheduled September 18 & 19.  The are MANY more opportunities to help: all are encouraged to review the roster listed in last weeks’ newsletter and sign up to help make the show a successful event.


If anyone has an old pitchfork that they are ready to dispose of Dick Marshall could use the tines for his antique bird



Thanks for your time,

Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver's Guild

June 8th Meeting at Cayucos Vet's Hall

Greetings, Carvers!

Fourteen attended Scot Lang’s sphere carving session last Thursday as he presented a 45 minute class during our Google MEET hour. 

Twelve carvers met in sunny Cayucos on Tuesday: sanding, hand carving, power carving, and happily adding to their collections the numerous pieces donated by Lisa Haslett from Cuyama.  (photos from the session)


News from St Timothy’s Catholic Church and our return to their annex:  They are anxious to have us back for our regularly scheduled Tuesday sessions, but there are several issues with the annex itself, which won’t be remedied until late July/August, at the earliest.   So, until then, we are gratefully meeting each Tuesday from 9-1 at the Cayucos Vet’s Hall, thanks to fellow carver, Breck Smith.


Dave Dignam will lead the carving session this coming Saturday, June 12, at the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum from 10-1.  All are welcome to meet to work on their own projects or on a project planned by Dave.


Mark your calendars for September 17th, for the CCW Rendezvous, to be held at Shamel Park, in Cambria.  Darrel Easter will be the instructor for the day. 


Following the Rendezvous, on September 18 & 19,   our much anticipated 43rd Woodcarver’s Show is being planned and coordinated by Show chairperson, Dick Marshall.


We hope that Larry Wade is back up and kicking real soon!  His latest newsletter can be read here:        Upcoming  FREE presentations include a show-and-tell, Woodspirit Carving,  and Relief Carving. Attendees must register to enable participation.


If your phone numbers, address and/or email have changed please send the correct contact information to me so I can update our roster. 


San Luis Obispo County is now in the yellow tier, with COVID restrictions expected to ease even more within the next week. 



Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver’s Guild

June 1st Meeting at Cayucos Vet's Hall

Happy June, Carvers!


"June Gloom" may have descended on the coast but our carving spirits are bright!  Fifteen carvers met at the Cayucos Vet’s Hall today, including our new CCW/CCG member, Zac Ervin (photo).  Zac notes that he is an “aspiring sculptor/entrepreneur” and has experience as a” power carver, chainsaw artist and air-brush enthusiast.”  WELCOME, Zac!


Last Saturday found Dave Dignam, Bob Schnieders, Dick Marshall, Scot Lang and Ed Zirbel manning a table at the Cambria Heritage Days celebration.  (photos).  Although the attendance was smaller than hoped, Tom and I watched as a number of interested visitors stopped by to chat and admire our carver’s pieces. (photos)


This coming Thursday, June 3, at 5 p.m. Scot Lang will be offering on-line instruction on how to carve a ball from a square piece of wood.  He was working on his go-bys today( photo).  Reminder:  have your carving knife and a square 2x2” or 3x3” piece of wood on hand to follow along.  Charlie Roberts will send out an email for the link to Thursday’s session.  (contact Charlie at  if you don’t receive the link on Thursday, or if you are having trouble logging on)


The monthly carving session at the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum will be held  Saturday, June 12, from 10-1p.m.  Dave Dignam, Dick Marshall, Jerry Graybill and Scot Lang will act as Saturday session facilitators.  They are scheduled to lead the sessions alphabetically: Dave in June, Dick in July, Jerry in August, September and October skipped due to our CCW show and Paso Robles Pioneer Days, Scot in November, and so on.  The facilitators will each have a project for attendees to work on, or the attendees may bring their own pieces to the sessions.


Melody Mullis has 10 boxes of donated carving books to yet go through and catalogue. She will be adding new categories such as Birds of Prey and Hummingbirds to the CCW collection.    She brought a selection of duplicate copies of books to our session today which were available to add to any carver’s own library.  Looking for a book?  Check out our CCW library section on our website .  Keep checking in as the listings will be added to.


Those who stayed later at today’s session were gifted with a wood bonanza!  Roger Owens, whose son works for Ernie Ball Inc , a guitar manufacturing company in San Luis Obispo, stopped by to share a truckload of wood gleaned from the shop’s refuse.  The wood included cuts of maple, poplar, birdseye maple,  tiger maple and more.  Thanks to Jerry Graybill, who stopped in at Roger’s store in Cambria (photo of business card), and informed Roger of our current carving site.  Roger has delivered wood to our sessions previously, and will do so again in the future.  He hopes to be able to deliver some basswood along with other assorted woods.  Please consider stopping in at Roger’s store and repaying his generosity with your purchases there.  If our carvers who received wood make something out of the wood collected today, perhaps they would consider gifting Roger a finished piece or two.


Our much anticipated Central Coast Woodcarver’s Show is coming up!  (photo)


Do you need to sharpen your carving tools?  The CCW knife sharpener is available for use in Tom Wright’s shop.  Schedule an appointment when needed.


Get well wishes are extended to Al Plasch and his wife Kris. 


Continue to keep those spirits bright and those knife blades sharp, Carvers!


Laurie Wright, 2021 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver’s Guild.