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Membership Information

      To become a member of the Central Coast Woodcarvers - Chapter #7


Until we can resume regular meetings membership must be completed by mail using the application and waiver forms and the information below.   

Annual Membership dues are $10.00. 


To complete mail-in membership fill out the following two forms and return with a check for $10 to Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter #7


mail to:

Central Coast Woodcarvers   Chapter #7

P.O. Box 743    

Morro Bay, California   93443

Member Information and Application Form 

Signed Waiver 

For more information about membership and joining the club read this document.

Once membership is completed you will have the opportunity to register on this web site and have access to certain members only pages like Newsletter Archives, Forums, Links, and an upcoming Web Store.

We encourage our club members to become members of the California Carvers Guild, the parent organization to our club.  Membership information can be found at this link.

     If you would like additional information about the Central California Woodcarvers Chapter #7 or would like to ask a question, please send an email to:

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