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Fall 2019

November 26th

Those that were in the annex today were busily finishing up ornaments (for friends & family and/or for next week's ornament exchange),  continuing to work on their relief carvings, and/or focused on various other projects.

We were happy to welcome back Dave & Rindi (from Alaska), and Alicia and Cindy after long absences.


Next Tuesday, December 3, there will be carving at the usual time, followed at noon by  our annual potluck, ornament exchange, election of officers,  and suggestions for 2020 classes.  This year we will  also offer a  boutique/bazaar of items crafted by our members, which may be pieces other than or including  carved ones.  Items may be displayed for show and/or for sale. Please bring your items for the boutique as well as your pot-luck dish to share, your guests, and ideas for next year's calendar. 


There are only 10 months until our next Woodcarvers Show!  It is hoped that Dick Marshall be willing to chair the event once again.     


There WILL be carving at the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum on December 14, 1-4 p.m., led by Matt Pomerico.  Last month 10 carvers enjoyed an ornament carving session. 


If anyone is still working on their Bar Scene carving for donation to the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum, please turn it in to Matt ASAP.  He is about a month away from presenting the project to Melody, Director of the museum as well as being one of our talented CCW members.


May this Thanksgiving remind all of us of how much we, indeed, do have to be thankful for. 


Laurie Wright, 2019 Secretary


November 19th

We learned a great deal of helpful information regarding Bob Smith Industries' adhesives from our presenter Charlee Smith.  Charlee explained the uses for and the particular properties of each type of glue, where to order/find BSI products, provided a pamphlet with product specifics and uses  and generously  gave out samples of glue, caps, pipettes and teflon tubing  to our carvers.  Many thanks to Charlee for his informative presentation!

A bit of review from Charlee Smith: 

  • Epoxy needs to be maintained at a minimum of 70 degrees for the 8 hours of its drying time, or will remain tacky. 

  • To mix epoxy before applying to a piece, mix it on the plastic top of a container (such as on a nut carton).    Once the unused epoxy has dried, it can then be easily snapped off of the plastic top and discarded.  The plastic top can be reused.   

  • To thin a too thick CA (cyanoacrylate) glue, mix it with a thinner CA glue product. 

  • CAs are stable at temperatures from -40 degrees to 150   degrees, best at 70 degrees, where they should last 2-3 years.

  • The glues are not toxic, but  they are irritants which affect some users more than others.

  • To clear a glue nozzle after use, firmly tap the  upright adhesive bottle on a hard surface, then gently squeeze the bottle.  If the nozzle is clear, you will hear the air being expelled when squeezed.  If not, try again.  Only when the nozzle is clear should the cap be replaced.

  • Accelerator is good for removing glued on labels, etc.  It won't melt or mar plastic.

  • BSI products are made in Atascadero,  packaged and shipped to stores and distributors immediately after being made, so the products sold are as freshly made as they can be, and should last 2-3 years if kept at ideal temperatures (70 degrees and above) and are stored properly with the glue expelled from the nozzle and capped securely.

  • Epoxy can be tinted with acrylic or latex paint.  Charlee recommends using Tint-all from Sherman Williams for a quality result.

  • Use thin CA glue  for porcelain & ceramics,  then remove excess glue with UNCURE.  UNCURE is also a good product to use to unstick glued-together fingers!

  • If wiping glue on any surface with your fingers, be sure your fingers are clean, as the dirt on fingers will be forever embalmed and evident in your glue!

  • For ordering BSI products online, Charlee recommends Amazon, specifically from Router Bit World. Buying products from Ebay is NOT recommended as you can't be assured of the age of the product.

  • To buy locally within San Luis Obispo County, the following businesses sell BSI products: Hobby Headquarters in Atascadero: 8645 El Camino Real, Zacsters Hobbies in San Luis Obispo: 3240 Broad St # 110, Blake's Hardware in Paso Robles: 1701 Riverside Avenue.     Hobby Lobby, not in SLO County, also sells BSI products.

Greetings have been sent to our CCW members by both Jack Maroney and Bob Goss.  So many great memories have been made by, with and for them as they carved with their local friends here in SLO County.  They are missed and fondly remembered.


November 12th

Hello Carvers!

10 eager carvers met last Saturday at the amazing Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum to be patiently and expertly guided by Matt Pomerico.  A variety of Santa ornaments were carved, some nearing completion by the end of the session.  Several admiring museum docents and visitors stopped in the carving room as we worked.   If you haven't yet visited the museum, please plan to stop in.  The large collection of historical pieces and memorabilia and the creative displays are fabulous!  Thank you to our own Melody Mullis for her efforts on behalf of the museum!

Several of our carvers have completed their relief carving projects, while others are still patiently and diligently working on their designs. As always, there are a variety of pieces and techniques on-going throughout the annex at every session as well as tasty treats to keep everyone fueled up!

Upcoming events:

November 19, 10:00, in the annex: Charlee Smith will give a presentation about Bob Smith Industries adhesives.

November 26: There WILL be carving in the annex the week of Thanksgiving.

December 3: Our annual gathering to eat and meet (including our guests), to exchange hand carved ornaments and to elect next year's Chapter officers, in the annex.

April 19 through April 25, 2020:  As posted in the California Carver's Guild LOG, the 13th annual Rendezvous in Oakhurst is scheduled.  If you're unsure about this week-long event, ask CCG members at our next carving session.  Join the California Carver's Guild for more information and to participate in the Rendezvous. 

Thank you to Walt Ross for sharing the photos (with Bob's permission) of Bob Goss and his beautiful handiwork.   You are a legend among your fellow carvers, Bob!

In this cooler, darker (and hopefully rainy)  holiday season what better way to spend some hours carving projects that will make you happy and warm the hearts of those you gift or (sell them) to?


Laurie Wright, 2019 Secretary

November 5th

Happy Fall, Carvers!  We've seen some beautiful evidence of the season especially as the sun sets (oh so very early) these days. The annex was bustling today!  The chips were flying, the relief carvers were comparing progress, tools were being sharpened, bark was being carved, wood was being burned, and if a carver went home hungry it was his/her own fault!  


Matt's fantastical creations, Dick's beautiful feathers, and a creative Tiki (Breck's?) were among those pieces on display.  I earned the title of Woodchip Queen for today's session.


We were very happy to have Melody back with us in the annex.  A reminder: she is our club librarian and has a complete list and collection of carving related books for our members to check out.


Don't forget: Matt Pomerico will be leading a carving session at the Paso Robles Pioneer Museum  (2010 Riverside Avenue) from 1-4 p.m. next Saturday, November 9.   Join in to make an ornament.


Charlee Smith will give an informative talk about Bob Smith Industries' adhesives at our November 19th session, 10 a.m.


Central Coast Woodcarvers' annual holiday party, pot luck and hand-carved ornament exchange will be happening on Tuesday, December 3rd, in the annex.  Please bring your good cheer, your ornament, some tasty food to share, as well as your spouse/ partner/ significant other/ friend/ family.  This year's holiday party will also offer the opportunity for our members to display  their many creative talents , whether it be with carved projects,  turned pieces of wood, pine needle baskets,  decorative gourds, paper goods, and/or cloth pieces, for example.  A few tables will be available for those items. 

Until we meet again,

Laurie Wright, 2019 Secretary


October 30th

There was a bit of  Fall Festivity going on at our session today, Carvers, thanks to Jim and Donna Cady's accessories, and all of the tasty and themed food brought in to share!  We all also appreciated the change in weather from last week's scorching temperatures!


We welcomed two new members today:  Charles (Chuck) Doolin  from Paso Robles and Tobi Colvin from Bakersfield.  It is a pleasure to add more enthusiastic and eager faces to our club.  Please introduce yourselves!

Our relief carving classmates were sharing tips and tricks, tools and techniques with each other as their carvings are taking shape.


Kristen wowed all with her "ornament stick": she's in the process of carving a number of Santa faces on a stick of wood that she picked up from our generous wood donor last week.  Once carved, she'll separate the faces into ornaments.   Her tip is that it's easier to hold on to the longer piece of wood and carve many faces, than to hold a smaller piece of wood to carve one face.  Thanks, Kristen!   We hope you'll give a class on your techniques.

Upcoming dates:


October 30: Happy Birthday Bill Bishop!


November 9: (No-cost)carving with Matt Pomerico at the Paso Robles Pioneer History Museum 1-4 p.m.  He will teach carvers how to carve an ornament that he has at the ready for you, and which you might be able to complete in the one session.  Bring your carving tools.


November 19, in the annex:  Charlee Smith, from Atascadero's Bob Smith Industries, will give a talk at 10:00 about the best BSI adhesives to use for your projects.


November 26:  The Tuesday before Thanksgiving:  Yes, there WILL be carving in the annex for those who aren't otherwise occupied preparing their pies or turkeys or tables for Thanksgiving the following Thursday. 


November 28:  Thanksgiving Day. Give thanks for much and many, including the creative, friendly, talented, encouraging and supportive group(s) we belong to!


December 3:  Central Coast Woodcarver's annual holiday get-together, pot-luck, carved ornament exchange (as orchestrated by Pat the ELF), and general merriment.  We will also tend to some official carver's business as we elect our club's 2020 officers and discuss the calendar and projects for the new year. 


In this, and in future newsletters, I will be including a few photos of our terrific members, as they let me take their picture, or give me one to post.  The more we become familiar with each other, the more of an interactive group we will be. In today's newsletter, you'll see Jim Cady's smiling face under his cheerful costume, and two of our newest members: Roland and Chuck.  And , of course, there are always fabulous examples of our carvers' pieces to show.

I know we all are thinking of fellow Californians who are being so affected by the current fires throughout the state.  If anyone knows of any specific way(s) we can lend a hand from here, please let your fellow carvers know.  To all, please keep safe, be careful and remember that rainfall is too far in our future.  We carvers do appreciate the beauty of wood but also recognize what a catalyst for danger it can be.

Until we meet again,

Laurie Wright, 2019 Secretary



October 21st

It was 93 degrees in Morro Bay today, Carvers!

The winds were blowing offshore, it was a tad bit warm in the annex, and the carvers made do with an unusual seating arrangement today.


The Relief Carving group were busy on their project as were others who were focused on their bark carvings, wood burning, shore birds and additional figures.  Brandy was certain that she earned the "Most Chips Made " award today!


All members and visitors to our session were asked to sign a "Waiver and Release of Liability and Express Assumption of Risk" form, which will be kept on file with our club.  Any future members and visitors must also sign  the form.


I am in process of putting together a photo and bio folder about our members, to help with familiarity with each other.  Several members have submitted their member information form to me with a bit of their history described, which I will include in the folder.  If you would like to send me a photo and a bit of your history, I'd be happy to include those as well. 

"Welcome" to our new carving member : Roland Dukes!


Sending out early Happy Birthday wishes to Bill Bishop!  We hope you enjoy a great day, Bill!


Fingers crossed that Autumn as we knew it will return,

Laurie Wright, 2019 Secretary

Central Coast Woodcarvers, Chapter 7 of the California Carver's Guild.

October 1st

A considerable number of carvers showed up today.  There were plenty of cookies and other treats provided to go around.  Pat Rygh made a presentation on how to create carving blanks.   Discussion on the carving show was winding down, but organizers were already starting to plan next year's show that will be held on September 19th and 20th of 2020.  Our club secretary is on vacation so the content here is minimal.  Sorry about that.  

September 24

On Tuesday, we welcomed Marilyn Mitchener back as a returning member.


George Newell shared flutes that he made at Ed Zirbel's first flute-making class.  Some of our members are still fine-tuning their recently made Native American style flutes.


Happy birthday wishes to Jerry Graybill, who will be celebrating another trip around the sun this week!


 We are saddened to learn that our charter/Life member and long-time president, Bob Goss, has received a  medical diagnosis of a terminal nature.  So many spoke of Bob's involvement and commitment to our group, and of their respect and admiration of both Bob and his wife, Marsha.  "Such fine people", remarked one which was seconded by many others who know Bob and Marsha.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them and we wish Bob Godspeed on his journey.


September 21 and 22 - 42nd Annual Carving Show (See 42nd Annual Show under the Past Events section above to see more information)

Thank you to  co-chairs Dick & George, and to Ed who previously chaired the event for 10 years and lent his expertise, to Dot who coordinated the People's Choice awards, to Rich for his stunning photographs (see his work on our website), to Brandy & Jerry who were in charge of selling all those raffle tickets and setting up the prizes and giveaways, to Dave  for leading the carving contests, to Joyce and Helen and Cindy for coordinating the kitchen and potluck , to Charlie who printed name badges, prize awards, and raffle sheets, to all who manned the front desk and floated throughout the show to lend a hand and give a break,  to those who displayed their pieces, and to  those who donated pieces to the raffle table, to all those carvers who donated their smaller pieces for raffle giveaways, to those who set up and cleaned up, to those who acted as ambassadors for our carving group and sparked so much interest in carving and in joining our club and provided inspiration.  Thank you to ALL (so very many!) who participated, and to those who didn't attend: you were missed and you missed out on the best show yet!   (many, many photos were taking at the show, only a  few of those are attached and/or posted on on our website)


Thank you to the Bob Otto Family for their donations, including the silent auction piece in honor of their father. Congratulations to George, the mallard's new owner!

George and Jeannie Newell were recognized for their years of dedication to the Central Coast Woodcarver's club and for their work with this and previous shows.


Winners of the open-to-all Whittling Contest were: 1st place: Darryl Easter, 2nd place: Scot Lang, 3rd place; Matt Pomerico.  They were required to carve something they'd see at the zoo. 


The Best of the Best (formerly known as the Baddest of the Bad) winners were: 1st place: Darryl Easter, 2nd place: Matt Pomerico, 3rd place: Scot Lang.  Kristen Bachman was voted the best of the alternate carvers.  The challenge was to carve a pair of glasses/spectacles. 


This show was attended by the highest number on record: 628 , and our raffle sales also were the most ever!  Most attendees learned about us via the yellow signs, many from AAA's Westways magazine (which only will allow us to advertize every other year). 


Suggestions for next year's show made be given to Dick Marshall, who has been overwhelmingly approved to Chair that event.  Thank you, Dick for doing such a great job and for being willing to take it on again!!


The Cambria Vet's Hall has been reserved again for next year's show as it offers us the space needed, the location is ideal, and we have use of a kitchen.


Thank you to Matt Pomerico, who coordinated and led the  Rendezvous, on Friday, at Shamel Park in Cambria.  The project this year was an Aristocat-style piece.  20 carvers attended , matching the average attendance throughout the years. Although prior registration for the event was advertised , several carvers came at the last minute, but space was, luckily, available. The new location was deemed to work well and will be reserved for next year.


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