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Power Carving by Dick Marshall

Thank you to Dick Marshall who gave an informative presentation about Power Tools and Safety.  

Important safety points:

  • Wear leather gloves, not knit or fabric when using power tools

  • Wear a filter mask (the long term adverse effects of wood particles can be serious)

  • Use a quality filtration system to collect particles 

  • Keep your power tool(s) at a distance from your apron/clothing


Catalogs and handouts were distributed.  Various carving tips were explained and demonstrated.  The best/worst choices of wood for power carving were discussed and demonstrated. Dick informed all that the most versatile tip he uses is the carbide stump cutter.  Maya Hardwoods, in SLO, on Beebee Street, off of Bridge Street,  was recommended as a local resource for wood.   Dick is available for further information about using power tools and the best resources for supplies.

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