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The Fort Hope Experience

It was a beautiful Saturday for the Fort Hope fundraiser!  6 of our carvers  participated as  volunteer members of the event, with  4 members carving  and 2 members not carving but  demonstrating their skills in the blacksmith shop.  Dave Dignam generously donated one of his pieces for the event auction, and Dick Marshall donated a piece to the raffle. (Please excuse me if I'm neglecting to mention any other donated pieces)  A great number of visitors stopped by the booths, and several expressed interest in dropping in at our Tuesday sessions.  We were thoroughly entertained by our carving and blacksmith friends (both by their demonstrations, stories ( big yarns) , and suggestions to eat extra servings of ice cream cones know who you are!) as well as by the  many other  enjoyable activities at the site. A  fun time was had by all.  We wish Fort Hope much continued success in supporting children in need as well as supporting as formerly trafficked individuals.   Thanks to them for asking our carvers to be a part of their special day.

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