42nd Annual Show Review

There were fifty items donated for the raffle

Show floor on Saturday

Are you still reeling from the excitement and energy of our 42nd annual Woodcarver's Show?!  


Thank you to  co-chairs Dick & George, and to Ed who previously chaired the event for 10 years and lent his expertise, to Dot who coordinated the People's Choice awards, to Rich for his stunning photographs (see his work on our website), to Brandy & Jerry who were in charge of selling all those raffle tickets and setting up the prizes and giveaways, to Dave  for leading the carving contests, to Joyce and Helen and Cindy for coordinating the kitchen and potluck , to Charlie who printed name badges, prize awards, and raffle sheets, to all who manned the front desk and floated throughout the show to lend a hand and give a break,  to those who displayed their pieces, and to  those who donated pieces to the raffle table, to all those carvers who donated their smaller pieces for raffle giveaways, to those who set up and cleaned up, to those who acted as ambassadors for our carving group and sparked so much interest in carving and in joining our club and provided inspiration.  Thank you to ALL (so very many!) who participated, and to those who didn't attend: you were missed and you missed out on the best show yet!   (many, many photos were taking at the show, only a  few of those are attached and/or posted on on our website)


Thank you to the Bob Otto Family for their donations, including the silent auction piece in honor of their father. Congratulations to George, the mallard's new owner!

George and Jeannie Newell were recognized for their years of dedication to the Central Coast Woodcarver's club and for their work with this and previous shows.


Winners of the open-to-all Whittling Contest were: 1st place: Darryl Easter, 2nd place: Scot Lang, 3rd place; Matt Pomerico.  They were required to carve something they'd see at the zoo. 


The Best of the Best (formerly known as the Baddest of the Bad) winners were: 1st place: Darryl Easter, 2nd place: Matt Pomerico, 3rd place: Scot Lang.  Kristen Bachman was voted the best of the alternate carvers.  The challenge was to carve a pair of glasses/spectacles. 


This show was attended by the highest number on record: 628 , and our raffle sales also were the most ever!  Most attendees learned about us via the yellow signs, many from AAA's Westways magazine (which only will allow us to advertize every other year). 


Suggestions for next year's show made be given to Dick Marshall, who has been overwhelmingly approved to Chair that event.  Thank you, Dick for doing such a great job and for being willing to take it on again!!


The Cambria Vet's Hall has been reserved again for next year's show as it offers us the space needed, the location is ideal, and we have use of a kitchen.


Thank you to Matt Pomerico, who coordinated and led the  Rendezvous, on Friday, at Shamel Park in Cambria.  The project this year was an Aristocat-style piece.  20 carvers attended , matching the average attendance throughout the years. Although prior registration for the event was advertised , several carvers came at the last minute, but space was, luckily, available. The new location was deemed to work well and will be reserved for next year.


Silent Auction   

A silent auction took place for the donation of a Mallard Duck by the Otto Family in fond memory of Rose and Bob Otto.  The proceeds from the silent auction are to benefit the Central Coast Carving Club, Chapter #7

Many thanks to Rich Miller for the photographs

Peoples Choice Awards

The People's Choice Awards are selected by those who attend the carving show.  Each attendee is given a ballot and then reviews the choices to select his or her favorite entry.


1st Place Pat Rygh
2nd Place Lola Nelson

3rd Place Bill Bishop

Carving Contests

Saturday whittling Contest

1st Place Darryl Easter

2nd Place Scot Lang

3rd Place Matt Pomerico

Sunday's Best of the Best Carving

1st Place Darryl Easter

2nd Place Matt Pomerico

3rd Place Scot Lang

Special Recognition To
George and Jeannie Newell

Scot Lang competing and winning the Saturday Carving Contest.

Go-by Display presented by Matt Pomerico

Additional People's Choice Entries

by Dot Rygh

by Darryl Easter

by Gary Hensley

by Darrell Rocks

by Richard Nelson

by Tom Nickelson

by Mac McLaughlin

by Matt Pomerico

by Kristen Bachman

Those who donated to the raffle and number of items donated.

Kristen Bachman

Bill Bishop

Jim Cady

Don Calver

Don Calver

Dave Dignam

Carol Dwyer

Shelley Elisarraras

Jerry Graybill

Ray Johnson

Dave Johnson

Scot Lang

Dick Marshal

Lola Nelson

Richard Nelson

George Newell

Tom Nickelson

Matt Pomerico

Charlie Roberts

Walt Ross

Dot Rygh

Pat Rygh

Bob Schneiders

Ed Zirbel