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Central Coast Woodcarving


Submitted by;  George Newell, Chair CCW Show 

Photos by Rich Miller

On September 15th and 16th, 2018 the Central Coast Woodcarving Club hosted their 41st annual show at the Cambria Vet’s Hall in Cambria, CA.  


This year the show attracted just over 400 visitors to view the carving displays of local and California carvers.  Club members and visiting carvers donated 33 projects to be raffled off to the public to support the Club’s annual fund raising drive. Over 360 visitors voted for their favorite “Peoples Choice” project entered by sixteen carvers. (see results and photo’s below below) 

Matt Pomerico’s Paso Robles carving group and other CCW members provided enough hand carved pieces to allow for the 21 piece Christmas Nativity set to be offered for the silent auction. Ten bids were offered with Matt Pomerico submitting the highest bid at $300., a steal. 

Carving competitions were held both days with eight competitors on Saturday and six on  Sunday.  First place collected a $50 dollar prize, $35 for second and $25 for third in each group ( see results and photos below).  


Thanks to all CCW members and their spouses who helped in the preparation for and

for donating your time at the show.  


Mark your calendar for September 21 & 22, 2019 for the 42nd annual adventure in wood carving shows. 

Competion Results

People’s Choice:
1st:   Kristen Bachman - ”Papa Dragon with Mischievous Son” in applewood 
2nd:  Roger Anderson - “Seven Dwarves marching off to work ” 
3rd:   Pat Rygh - Life size “Bald Eagle” 


First place 2018  Central Coast Woodcarvers “Peoples Choice” award by Kristen Bachman, "Papa Dragon with Mischievous Son" 

first place.png

Second place 2018 Central Coast Woodcarvers “Peoples Choice” award by Roger Anderson , “Seven Dwarves”


Third place 2018  Central Coast Woodcarvers “Peoples Choice” award by  Pat Rygh, “Life size Bald Eagle” 

Pat's Eagle.png

Shootout: Sunday - Best of the Best

Carve a two blade Jack knife from a Home Depot paint stick. 1st:  Darryl Easter 
2nd:  Scot Lang 
3rd:  Carol Smith

best of best.PNG

Open Whittling Saturday 

Thanks to Dave Dignam & Jerry Graybill for providing projects.

From a 2”X 6”X 3/8” sized wood, Carve a paper clip.


1st:    Scot Lang 
2nd:  Darryl Easter 
3rd:   Matt Pomerico 

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