Flute Carving Class

Presented by Ed Zirbel

The flute carving sessions lasted nearly two months.  All of those who participated were able to create a Native American Style Flute from the blanks and skills given to the participants by Ed.  The first skills taught were to create a true sound hole and the flue that is so critical to the quality of the flute.  After finishing off the inside of the flutes they were glued together and a fundamental note was established for each flute.  Ed decided that the "default" fundamental note would be F# which is determined by the bore and the length of the bore hole.  Once the fundamental note was established then the additional finger holes were added to create the notes played on the flute.  The participants created the flute blocks (fetishes) to guide the air down the flue and across the true sound hole.  Finally each participant finished his or her flute by making inlays, woodburning or even painting parts of the flute. 

A couple of Ed's example flutes