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California Carvers Guild

Again, all of our club members are strongly urged to join the California Carver's Guild ( ASAP, if you haven't already!  Annual dues are $25 per member/$40 per family. We could not meet as a carving group without their sponsorship!  You will be receiving more information about how we benefit from belonging to the California Carver's Guild, but for now, please note that our group members are covered by Guild insurance while participating in our sponsored  events,  without them we could not be designated a non-profit organization, we receive  generous funds for our annual show from the Guild, they provide each Guild member with a bi-monthly newsletter (the Log) which features many  carving activities within California, and can support our activities additionally by posting our club's photos and planned activities in their Log.  Please become a member TODAY!  We will have membership forms available at next week's Tuesday session.

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